Israeli real estate market embraces 3D

New imaging technologies allow real estate buyers to view their investment – Hollywood Style

By Alphi Shauli

The skyrocketing real estate prices and shortage of available apartments drive more people to buy houses in buildings that are yet to built. This kind of investment is usually more profitable for the customer, and it helps the contractors maintain cash flow during construction works. mai meccsek tippmix

When purchasing an apartment ahead of time, many customers encounter the problem of imagining their new home before it is actually built. A model apartment is still the most common measure to showcase a house, but furnishing, designing and maintaining the model apartment is often very costly.

Using new three-dimensional imaging technologies can help illustrate projects in design, architecture and landscape planning. The 3D film technology became widely known with the movie “Avatar”. Now, the technology is harnessed for the real estate market as well, offering a high-tech solution for architectural imaging. online nyerőgépes játékok ingyen kockás

“In the past three years, virtual imaging has become an important sales tool, offering the ability to depict planned structures in detail,” said Ran Ben Abraham, Deputy CEO for marketing in Zemach Hamerman Ltd.

אולם הקולנוע בפרויקט white city

Private 3D viewing theatre in a real-estate project

“We first viewed a 3D film in our luxury Neve Tsedek ‘White City’ project, using filming technology similar to that used in ‘Avatar,’ said Ben Abraham. According to him, the viewer of such a presentation can feel as if he is walking inside the building.

“Technological innovation is not a substitute for personal service by salesmen,” Ban Abraham said. However, an impressive 3D film on an 85-inch screen is not just an imaging solution but also an efficient sales tool.


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