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  1. Cultivating Deserts

    Cultivating Deserts

    Making aliyah is a bit like taking the ultimate leap of faith; as Jews we leave what is familiar and embark on the journey of a life time to return to the Promised Land of Israel. But when you arrive you will find that living in Israel is like being...

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  2. Owning Israel?

    Owning Israel?

    There is much known public debate related to both religious and political questions of who owns the Land of Israel. It is outside the scope of this article to delve into this complex controversy. However, in practical terms, how does this question impact upon an everyday purchaser of property rights...

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  3. Jerusalem Awakens

    Jerusalem Awakens

    If the world can be said to have a pulse, than Jerusalem should surely be placed among the first cities to check for one? Aside from its obvious spiritual dimension, the world of international commerce can now look forward to exciting leaps forward, thanks to the sterling efforts of a...

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