Israel Population

On 31 December 2010, the population of Israel numbered about 7. ivermectine kopen aliexpress 7 million inhabitants. The population of Israel comprises the following groups:

Jewsandothers 79.5%

Total 100.0% Jews 94.8% Non-Arab Christians 0.5% Not classified by religion 4.7%

Arabs 20.5%

Total 100.0% Moslems 84.0% Arab-Christians 7.8% Druze 8.1%

The population data are based on the last Population Census (2008), and on records of vital statistics in the Population Register (births, deaths, changes of address, marriages, divorces, etc).

Population growth derives from natural increase (births less deaths) and the migration balance (immigration less emigration). ivermectin to treat malaria The share of immigration in population growth has changed over the years. ivermectin canada prescription The large waves of immigration were between 1948 and 1951 (about 688,000 immigrants), and in the 1990s (about one million immigrants).

Did you know? 43% of all Jews in the world live in Israel.

About one-tenth of the Israeli population (about 763,400 persons) are aged 65 or older, and 57% of them are women.

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