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Albatross Photography  – (972).9.9540066Skyline photography series of books on Israel, Jerusalem, Golan, Desert, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Archaeology subjects. Herzliya
Ayash Judaica Jewelry  – (972).2.9709061Traditional jewelry. Rings. Necklaces. Judaica. Embroidery. Yitzhar
Backlite Keyboard  – (972).52.5080220Fluorescent stickers for computer keyboards with Hebrew and English characters to allow Hebrew typing in computers without Hebrew characters. Nahariya
Baruch Nachshon’s Art  – (972).Posters and lithographs of artist Baruch Nachshon’s drawings. Hebron
Birconim  – (972).2.6724405Publisher of Birconim with original designs for Tefilot (prayers) and zemirot (songs) for Jewish customs. Examples: “Bircat Hamazon”, “Zemirot Shabat”, “Sidur”, “Holiday Blessings” etc. Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Edot Hamizrach, and Ha’ary versions. Jerusalem
Dash Cham  – (972).2.6785799Kosher baskets and gifts for delivery in Israel and worldwide for any occasion: anniversary, army service, sympathy, bar-mitzvah, wedding, baby, etc. Gifts include dried fruit and nuts, balloons, elegant edibles, wines, spices, pasta, and fruit packages. Jerusalem
Essence of Jerusalem  – (972).54.4625540Fragrances and perfumed candles, collectively known as the Essence of Jerusalem Fragrance line. Anointing oil. Women’s perfume. Men’s Cologne. Raanana
Gift Israel  – (972).52.2427548Chocolate Bouquets – Specialty gourmet chocolates shaped and molded as colorful flower bouquets. Kosher food baskets with Kosher certificates. Jewish gift baskets. International express delivery. Herzliya
Gush Katif Online Store  – (972).Flag, T-shirt, stickers and other gifts to support Gush Katif settlers. Gush Katif
Hadad Bros. Pure Silver  – (972).3.6742566Silver Judaica items including menorahs, candlesticks, kiddush cups, kiddush goblets, decanters, wine fountain, etrog boxes, honey dishes, seder trays, megilah cases, mezuza cases, mayim achronim, natlot, havdalah sets, salt dishes, vases, bowls, trays. Bnei Brak
Harrari Biblical Harps  – (972).2.5340329Biblical Harps, the Nevel and the Kinnor. Each harp is individually handmade using musical hard woods. Jerusalem
HaSOFER  – (972).2.5383701STa”M (scribe) items, tefillin, mezuzah, megillah. Tallit, Sefer Torah mantels, Torah crowns and decorations, sterling silver gifts. Jerusalem
Hazorfim  – (972).8.9186600Manufacturer of pure silver Judaica artifacts handmade by a group of artists specializing in craftsmanship of silver metal. Sterling silver items include candle holders, tableware, dishes, gifts, religious articles. Kfar Daniel
Israel Coins and Medals Corporation  – (972).4.8212805Commemorative coins and official medals of the State of Israel to commemorate historical and national events, scientific and cultural projects, and achievements. Judaica gifts. Haifa
Israel Music  – (972).9.7454227E-commerce arm of the “Tamuz Records” company. A large selection of Israeli and Jewish music, DVD, Video and Multimedia. Raanana
Israeli Military Products  – (972).3.6204612Israeli military equipment, army surplus, bags, T-shirts, caps, insignia and memorabilia. Bumper stickers. Tel Aviv
Israeli Poster Center  – (972).2.6240042Posters on Israeli scenery, maps, tourism, history, flags, national anthem, declaration of independence, soldiers, leaders and politics. Diaspora, holocaust. Jerusalem views, sites. Jewish art, education, Hebrew alphabet, holidays, Judaic, blessings. Jerusalem
Judaica of Silk  – (972).2.9974398Embroidery on silk for Judaica items including Torah robes, veil (parochet), canopy (chupa), ketubah. Jerusalem
Judaica Web Store  – (972).2.6517992Judaica gifts, silverware, jewelry, art, talitot, tefilin, mezuzah parchments, books, software. Jerusalem
Judaica Wood  – (972).2.6520301Judaica carvings in wood. Mezuzot, spice containers, Etrog case, Megilat Esther and Torah cases. Decorative carvings in wood. Jerusalem
Melechet Machshevet  – (972).50.7317201Kit for Building the Holy Temple (Beit Hamikdash) of Jerusalem. Bat Ayin
Mezuzot  – (972).Mezuzah for doorposts written by a Jewish scribe on klaf shlil (fine parchment). Elon Moreh
Mor Brothers Diamonds  – (972).3.5750517Manufacturer of loose diamonds in ideal and fancy cuts. Specialize in manufacturing round brilliant polished diamonds blended with clinical symmetry and precise aligning of the facets creating the renowned “Hearts & Arrows” phenomenon. Ramat-Gan
Oter Israel  – (972).2.6535514Production of Torah scrolls. Tefillin in every variety of script and custom: Beit Yosef, Ari, Sefardi, Chabad, Rashi and Rabbenu Tam. Mezuzot, Megillot (scrolls of Esther), and other scrolls. Ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts). Jerusalem
Plugot  – (972).9.7747561Printed T-shirts and sweatshirts with Hebrew logos of Israeli Defense Forces (TZAHAL, IDF), Hebrew university, Jerusalem, Israeli sport teams. Aprons with Kosher and Jewish themes. Judaica gifts for Bar – Bat Mitzvah. Raanana
Rothem Collection Diamonds  – (972).54.3974466Diamond and fine jewelry manufacturer. Wedding and engagement rings. Diamond pendants and necklaces. Jewelry with pearls. Ramat-Gan
Shofarot Israel  – (972).3.6821017Shofar manufacturer. Yemenite shofars, ram’s horn shofars, silver plated shofars, anointing horn. Tel Aviv
Shop in Israel  – (972).Internet directory of online shops for Israeli, Jewish, Judaica gifts and souvenirs.
Silver Art Jewellery and Judaica  – (972).3.5704744Modern artistic designs of Judaica and jewelry made of sterling silver and semi precious stones. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, pendants, star of David. Kiddush goblets, wine bottle decor, menorah, mezuza. Bat-mitzvah gifts. Talit clips. Bnei Brak
Sukot Nechalim  – (972).1.800.706706Portable, modular sukah manufacturer for Sukot holiday. Moshav Nehalim
Tefillin Beit El  – (972).2.9974560Manufacturer of tefillin and leather tefillin boxes. Tefidanit protective boxes for tefillin storage. Mezuzah parchments. Beit El
Yemenite Art  – (972).3.6835336Jewelry with traditional Yemenite motifs. Products include pins and pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, Roman glass and gold jewelry. Tel Aviv
YeshaShops  – (972).9.7921238Israeli products from Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza). Jewelry, chains, rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, personalized Hebrew names, silver watches. Judaica (mezuzot, chanukiot, kiddush cup, shabbat candle sticks, etc). Organic tea and spices. Kedumim
Zer Matok  – (972).3.6440375Zer Matok means Sweet Bouquet. The bouquets are made of quality pralines, chocolates and other sweets. The candies are wrapped as fresh and colorful flowers. The sweet bouquets will not die, do not need special care and are edible for a long time. Tel Aviv

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