Israel Households & Families

A household is defined as one person or a group of persons living together in one dwelling on a permanent basis most of the week, who have a common expense budget for food. A household may include persons who are not a family.

A family is defined as two persons or more who share the same household and are usually related to one another as husband and wife, as an unmarried couple, or as a parent and child. The most common type of family is a couple with children (63%).

Did you know?

About 8%of children up to age 17 live with a single parent.

Today, the structure of households and families is more diverse than in the past, as a result of changing demographic, social, and economic trends in society. The structure of the households and families is influenced by a variety of factors, some of which are presented below: In recent years, more young people have been delaying marriage. Some live alone or with a roommate and others cohabit with their partners. Age at marriage and age at birth of first child have risen, as have divorce rates. Consequently, there has been an increase in the number of single-parent families. Increased life expectancy led to a rise in the proportion of elderly persons in the population, many of whom live alone.

Additionally, the population of immigrants from the former USSR consists of a relatively high percentage of single-parent families.

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