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Making aliyah.  You are moving, and going to be living in Israel and wondering how much it really costs to live here.  How much money does my family need a month? Can we live on $5000 a month? Can we live on less? These are just some of the questions you may be asking.  Make use our guideline of the average  living expenses – in Shekels – for a family of four,  to build your budget. 

Obviously living expenses will vary greatly from family to family according to your life-style and the town or city you choose to live in. For example, on average, living in Raanana is about 30 percent more expensive than living in Haifa.  Municipal taxes (arnona) in Haifa however, are amongst the highest in Israel.

Salaries in Israel are lower than you are used to earning! The minimum wage in Israel, according to the Department of Statistics, currently stands at 23.12 shekels/hour or 4,300 per month. The average wage is about 9,300 shekels per month as of October 2013

Your Israel Budget

In your first year, it is very important to take time and develop a realistic family budget. You’ll  probably be at ulpan for about 5months and it may take you another few months till you find a job.

Details Shekels
Housing- Renting

Figures based on an average 3 bedroom apartment. (100 sqm).

2500 – 6000 per month
Housing – Purchase

Usually a 40% down-payment is required when making a property purchase.  Prices listed here are quoted per square meter in US$.  Your monthly mortgage payment or your rental should not exceed more than 1/3 of your income.

Jerusalem 6,000 – 12,000
Tel Aviv 5,000 – 7,000
Beersheva, Haifa, Hadera & Afula 2,500 – 5,000
Modiin 2,000 – 2,500
Arnona – Municipal rates and taxes – on 100 sqm

Statements of account for municipal taxes are sent out every 2 months so your actual bill will be between 800 – 2000 shekels. New immigrants are entitled to a discount on their arnona. We have also translated your Arnona bill for your convenience.

 400 – 1000
Municipal Water Bill

Under the current water restrictions, each family member is entitled to 2.5 cu per month.  A family of 4 is therefore entitled to 10 cu of water per month.  Water consumption above this, is charged at a much higher rate.  The water bill is also sent out every 2 months. For a translation of yourMunicipal water bill, click here

100 – 300 per month


Lights, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave and other small appliances (not including clothes dryer or air-conditioner).  Click on the link for a translation of your Electricity Bill:

A medium range air-conditioning unit costs approximately one shekel per hour to run.

Most Israeli homes have gas cookers rather than electric ones. Many families use toaster ovens instead of regular ovens for quick cooking. Electricity bill are sent out every 2 months so your actual bill will be between 500 – 1500 shekels

What appliances and items should you bring to Israel? >>>

250 – 700 per month
House Committee Levy

The monthly house committee levy generally includes electricity (for the entrance and stairwells), water (garden and washing floors – entrance and stairwells), a cleaning person and general building maintenance.  Special one-time repairs or maintenance are generally divided equally by the neighbors if and when necessary. The monthly levy is much higher in buildings that have elevators and swimming pools.

50 – 300  per month
Gas: Cooking & Heating

A small gas balloon costs around 150 shekels and generally lasts for a little over 2 months when used for cooking purposes only.  If you use gas to heat your home in the winter, your bill will be considerably higher. Ceramic stoves (glass tops) are now quite popular in Israel.

  75 – 150  per month
TV, Phone & Internet Package
Cable TV basic package, internet and telephone.  Special channels not included in the basic package and can cost anywhere from 15 shekels to 50 shekels per month per channel.  Click here for a translation of your Cable TV bill. 350 per month
Internet provider – 12 GB From 45
Special packages for telephone calls abroad, per minute From 15 agorot
Mobile phones

2012 saw a revolution in the mobile phone industry in Israel with the establishment of a number ofnew mobile phone carriers. Competition between them is rife at the moment.  On average, you can get a 3rd generation package: calls, text and internet for about 100 shekels per month.  Click here for a translation of your mobile phone bill

Purchase: 3rd generation phones

Calls, per minute

Text Messaging

Click here for the latest news on mobile phone carriers, plans and information in Israel


100 month

1500 – 3000

20 – 60 agorot

50 agorot

At the supermarket – per month 2,000 – 4,000
At the shuk (fresh produce market) – per month 1,000 – 1,500
Shopping at the fresh produce market (shuk) is considerably cheaper on Friday afternoons from around 2pm till closing at 4pm. See our article on shopping in Israel and average supermarket prices for 2012
Running a Car

Insurance: 3rd party and comprehensive on an average family vehicle

Gas/petrol price in Israel; Please note that the gas/petrol price in Israel is reviewed on a monthly basis.  Sometimes there is a price increase and sometimes there is a decrease.

What is involved in bringing and importing a car to Israel?  How do I buy a car in Israel?

300 – 400  per month

7.7 shekels per liter


Movie ticket

3D Movie Ticket

Live shows, theater, symphony

Overseas performers

Discounts for live entertainment are often given in exchange for points earned on a credit card. The Culture-club also offers discounts on tickets to its members



100 – 300

300 – 1500

Eating Out

-Mac Donalds (combo meal)




-Salad (main course, usually enough for 2 people)









7 – 11

School Fees

School fees, are laid out by the Ministry of Education.  The figures quoted here are for the 2010/2011 academic year, per child, per year

-Basic fee (sal ha’tarbut)

-Class parties

-Annual class trip

-Personal effects, notebooks, equipment etc. (not clothing)

-An after school activity; ballet, judo, art classes etc. (per month per activity)

-Private school fees

-Private day care for tiny tots – Includes meal.  As of September 2012, there are no school fees for children, from the age of 3, attending a municipal kindergarten.

Additional charges may vary from school to school and would include: the parent’s committee, annual trip, heating, class year books etc.

A translation of the municipal bill for school fees

150 – 400

25 – 100

400 – 650


150 – 200

1500+/ month

1500+/ month

School Uniforms

Summer T shirts

Girls summer tights (leggings/ski pants) Please note: some schools in Israel, no longer allow girls to wear these tights.  Check with your school before you buy

Boys summer gym  shorts

Long sleeved Ts

Winter Sweatshirts & Hoodies



25 – 45 ea

35 – 65 ea

25 – 55 ea

30 – 45 ea

45 – 85 ea

200 – 300 pr

300 – 700 pr

Minimum Wage or Salary in Israel as at January 2014

Per hour if you work per hour (regular hours – without overtime)

Per Month if you work on a monthly salary

See a typical, and translated Israeli salary slip



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