Hey amigo or is it am1.go?

The Aliyah community has now for better or worse, been given a new nickname …’amigos’ based on our new call-sign Am1.Go – Can you spot the connection?  At least our two fluffy friends were politely trying to work it out, before deciding just to join the party and pretend they knew the answer.

Sorry what can I tell you! Anyhow after careful consideration and apologies to the bright spark who came up with that idea, (I nearly flayed him alive) – we figured hmmm, this may not be such a bad idea after all. So does that mean that we’re going all Spanish and donning funny long hats? استراتيجية روليت Afraid not, the last time we tried that we were kicked out of Spain a few hundred years back. But there is something to say in favor of adopting the Spanish word for friend – ‘Amigo’. العب انترنت

AM as you might have guessed is the initials of Aliyah Magazine. It also means AM – (morning time) ‘hey dude time to snap out of your siesta and wake up’ i.e. bring yourself to Israel! Then there’s the more sophisticated and intellectual play on words – Am is Hebrew for people and the ‘number one’ is Ehud –  there is a famous expression for referring to the Jewish people as Am Ehud or One People. AM.1. Go – One People let’s Go! Go where? Oh, to Israel, now I get it!

Maybe the source of ‘AM1. Go’ came from the biblical Ruth, with her famous utterance to Naomi when she too wanted to be connected with the Jewish people – ‘Wherever you go – I go’ – sorry Ruth for dragging you into this mess. casino 777 (Was Naomi being stalked?) I’ll have to double check with Rashi on that one?

Well the source remains a mystery for later generations to spend a lifetime to work out. But I’m putting my money, sorry my bank overdraft, on an answer closer to home. As we extended an open invitation to all our friends regardless of being Jewish or not, to be part of the Aliyah community…someone figured what we need is a simple name. Well ‘Am 1. Go’ has now gained an additional tag – ‘Amigo’? Let me know your thoughts on this as someone’s fate depends upon it! Meanwhile, if you decide to become an amigo -‘our friend’ wherever you go – I go. With that I’m gone!

OK we’re not racist and can include dogs, but is that an amigo hat?           

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