From preserving our past to embracing our future


Spielberg undertook a highly successful project that recorded our Jewish past through interviews with Holocaust survivors, keeping the memory of our people alive. But, what of the future of our people?


Today, a new and exciting project is being launched that assists Jewish communities worldwide to participate in documenting its history, present, and future. Jewish Nation is the program dedicated to making this exciting concept become reality.

Asifa Vision Media Group has integrated multi media publications dedicated towards the vision of bringing Jews together for a common unified purpose. ‘Asifa’ is a Hebrew word used in the Bible as a term for gathering Jews together, in one instance in association with almost apocalyptic days, which many feel we are currently experiencing.


Jewish TV Channel (JTVC) is one such media outlet, which is providing an Internet based broadcasting platform offering Jewish oriented content to a wide public. Aside from JTVC producing its own content, they also help Jews worldwide to share theirs too. It is within this community focused channel that the idea of Jewish Nation took shape.

Jewish Nation challenges Jewish communities worldwide to share three main insights. The first is how they got there? That involves interviews with senior members of the community, and research projects involving their youth to trace the roots of their particular community. The second asks who they are? This is a great opportunity to share local talent! The third is more challenging, asking where they are going?

JTVC is providing post-production facilities, allowing communities to effectively work in a co-op mode. gaminator kredit This service will be free to qualifying Jewish communities.


Our Story

A unique factor of this project is the sharing of information under the tag of ‘Our Story’. Individuals within their respective communities are encouraged to make their own personal contributions, revealing feelings, aspirations and other interesting details providing an insight into one’s connection with Judaism.

The question of how Israel fits into the equation will be an essential ingredient of this project. It is anticipated that Jewish Nation will act as a catalyst for inter-community discussions about sharing a common purpose. gaminator 777 ingyen nyerőgépek kaszinó játékok The obvious question of a Jews’ obligation to their Diaspora birthplace, as opposed to Israel, should make for some exciting dialogue! legjobb nyerőgépes kaszino  


‘Our Story’ will be a gradual process as far as being broadcast in several segments is concerned. Accordingly, communities will be able to engage their own members, as well as attracting others over a lengthy period of time.

While participation in this project will be free to minimum sized Jewish communities, JTVC will allow for sponsorship programs to offset the costs involved.   

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