Finding Home

Eric Wiseberg is one of the Aliyah leaders tasked with attracting Jews to settle the open spaces of Israel’s central hill country. Since 1999, he has helped English speaking families from the USA, South Africa and the United Kingdom to come on direct Aliyah to this expansive region encompassing Yehuda and the Shomron.

In recent months his organization has been reaching out to other potential olim from even further afield. Jews in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have also received invitations to settle in this part of Israel.

Eric’s goal is to attract wholesale communities, which offers many advantages. Groups of more than ten families can qualify for having their very own Ulpan, to enhance their learning of Hebrew. Additionally, communities moving in block can also provide self supporting services. However, regardless of how many actually arrive, each Jew is assured a warm welcome within existing community structures represented by Eric’s efforts.

A new pilot trip is being planned to take place in the near future, and interested parties are invited to contact Eric directly to participate.

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