Enter Wonderland

If you are ready to make Aliyah, or even just thinking about it, then it is time to step out of the tourist Israel you think you know and step into Wonderland.

Through an amazing new ebook all about Israel, you will discover all the things you never knew about settling the land and living the dream. Learn about the peripheries of Israel, such as the Galilee and Negev, and the people that make those regions home.

You can see what it is like to be part of a small community village in Be’er Sheva or read about the diversity of Lod. Just minutes away from Tel Aviv, this city is home to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike; a city that even the government gave up on is now beginning to thrive once more. From natural beauty such as the desert hills of the Negev to stories about the people who are transforming the land, you will find out why there is so much more to Israel than what the tourist books tell you.

This informational ebook has recently become available for members of the Aliyah Community and will give you the information you need to help make Israel the home you have been longing for. While Jerusalem is the Holy City, Israel is the Holy Land and what better to discover it than with the perfect book to guide you through it.

To get this electronic book at absolutely no cost, please send an email to wonderland@aliyahmagazine.com and you will get your copy within 10 days, directly from our sponsor Ayalim.



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