Enough Already!

Only In Israel!

244 words

Enough Already!

by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, Jerusalem

Rebbetzin B. recently told me this true story:

She and several members of her family were traveling in a taxicab on Chol HaMoed Sukkos. Their ride began near Kikar Safra, which is in the center of Jerusalem: They needed to get to Sanhedria Murchevet, which usually takes 10-15 minutes by cab.

But it was Chol HaMoed, and the traffic was unbelievable.

Tired of sitting in the traffic jam, their cab driver turned down a side street, hoping to find a way that was clear of traffic. ivermectin mode of action in covid But here, too, there was a traffic jam. can humans use ivermectin for animals

As soon as he could, their driver tried going down a different side street. But again, here too, they got stuck in a traffic jam.

So the cab-driver then tried yet another way. But again here, traffic wasn’t moving.

In frustration, their cab-driver tried backtracking and going the opposite way in order to somehow circle around and get them to their destination. is fenbendazole the same as ivermectin But here again, whichever way he went, he kept getting stuck in traffic.

And the cab’s meter was running the entire time.

Finally, when they were still not even half-way to their destination, and while they were yet again stuck in yet another traffic jam, their cab-driver suddenly turned around to look at his passengers. In a voice full of frustration, he announced: “Maspeek! It’s enough already! Enough!”

And he turned around in his seat and shut off the meter, not charging them for the rest of their cab ride home.


For additional stories, see the Feldheim books ON BUS DRIVERS, DREIDELS AND ORANGE JUICE; ON CAB DRIVERS, SHOPKEEPERS AND STRANGERS; and ON BUS STOPS, BAKERS AND BEGGARS by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, who also edited TO DWELL IN THE PALACE (Feldheim), an anthology on life in Israel.

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