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Products, Fields of specialty
@ Software  –  (972).List of Software Companies that specialize in networking products.
@ Telecommunications Companies  –  (972).List of manufacturers specializing in telecommunication equipment and accessories.
@ Transportation Companies  –  (972).Directory of transportation companies in Israel.
AccuBeat  –  (972).2.5868330High precision frequency and time generation and synchronization products based on Rubidium Frequency Standards and GPS receivers. World’s smallest atomic oscillators for use in cellular base stations, computer networks, calibration labs, telemetry etc. Jerusalem
Ace Verification  –  (972).54.8101102Verification IP and services for the semiconductor industry. Specialist in coverage driven random verification of HDL designs. Tel Aviv
Active Cool  –  (972).8.6726123AC4G, the world’s first thermo-electric cooling and noise-reduction system for PC processors. Microprocessor-controlled in PCI form factor. Ashkelon
Advanced Semiconductor Technology Ltd.  –  (972).9.7744278ASIC and VLSI design including FPGA conversions, Gate Array and Cell Based designs. Customizable DSP core (CDSP) implemented in DSLAM products of xDSL chip set. DES Encryption/Decription core. Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and STD products support. Raanana
Advice Electronics  –  (972).3.9000900Manufacturer of power supply systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Laboratory power supplies. DC/AC converters. Power cabinets. Rosh Ha’ayin
Aero Sol  –  (972).3.9262504Design and production of custom parts and components for the aerospace industry using composite materials. Products include radar domes and antennas, helmets, payloads and camera enclosure, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Petah Tikva
Aeromaoz  –  (972).3.6954261Manufacturer of illuminated display and control systems for military and commercial / business aircraft, armed personnel carriers. Night Vision Imaging System. Control panels, display bezels. Tel Aviv
Afcon Industries Group  –  (972).3.9392500Design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of electrometrical equipment and industrial control systems. Electro-mechanics and HVAC contracting works. Industrial control electronics products engineering and manufacturing. Petah Tikva
Agent Video Intelligence  –  (972).3.2201500Video intelligence system for large-scale video surveillance networks, based on IPoIP (Image Processing over IP) technology. Video Motion detector designed to detect various object types (humans, vehicles, animals etc.) moving at any predefined condition. Rosh Ha’ayin
Agilent Technologies  –  (972).3.9288555Digital design and debug, RF and microwave instruments and systems, wireless communications, telecom/datacom, frequency/time standards, lightwave instruments, component test, mechanical and physical test and manufacturing test systems. Petah Tikva
Agma Power Systems  –  (972).4.8764844AC-DC and DC-DC switching power supplies and converters. Military standard DC/DC, AC/DC power supplies per MIL-STD-704A and MIL-STD- 275A (AT) with single or multiple outputs. DC power supplies for telecommunication systems. Kiryat Bialik
Algotec  –  (972).9.7482442ImagiNet – Web based medical image management, storage, 2D and 3D processing and distribution system. Teleradiology, telemedicine. Applications: volume-rendering for visualization of 3D structures using CT or MR data, angiography, vessel tracking. Raanana
Alma Lasers  –  (972).4.6275357Laser and light-based devices for aesthetic and medical applications. Radio frequency (RF) based treatment of wrinkles. Diode laser system for permanent hair reduction. Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) for skin rejuvenation. Caesarea
Alonex Electronic Engineering  –  (972).4.8557095Electronic design for embedded systems, computer programming, linear and discrete servo control, process automation. Reverse engineering. Repairs of PC Boards at electronic component level. Circuit analyses for fault sources. EPROM, OTP, Flash Devices. Haifa
Alpha Omega Engineering  –  (972).4.6563327Manufacturer of equipment to analyze electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. Data acquisition, spike detection and sorting systems, amplifiers, microelectrode manipulators and manifolds. Micro electrode recording for functional neurosurgery. Nazareth Illit
Amimon  –  (972).9.9629222Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI) Video modem. Baseband Transmitter chip can be embedded in DVD players, consoles, PCs and cameras, enabling wireless streaming of uncompressed HD video and audio to TVs, PCs and projectors. Baseband Receiver chip. Herzliya
Amit Technology Science and Medicine  –  (972).2.5322173SCS – Scalp cooling system prevents hair loss (alopecia) caused by chemotherapy treatment. The device cools scalp during chemotherapy. Contractions of the blood vessels reduces quantity of chemotherapy material that reaches hair follicles. Jerusalem
AMS – Advanced Measurement Systems  –  (972).4.8576402Development and manufacture of electro-optical systems as turn-key solutions. Motorized microscopy and motion control, spectral analysis, automatic inspection for industrial applications, electrical signal processing and analysis. Tirat Hacarmel
Amza Ltd.  –  (972).3.7212777Surface-finishing for PWB (Printed Wire Board) and electronics industries. Member of Enthone group. Technologies include Pattern-Panel and Through-Hole Plating, Hot Air Solder Leveling, Dry Film Imaging, Surface Treatment, Tin Immersion, Shielding. Petah Tikva
Analog Devices DSP Design Center  –  (972).9.9502104Development of high end digital signal processors. Herzliya
Andante Medical Devices  –  (972).8.6900027SmartStep Functional Feedback Therapy system for physical therapy and rehabilitation of lower limbs. System composed of wireless miniature microprocessor control unit with user-friendly software for gait analysis and storage of patient performance. Omer
Anobit Technologies  –  (972).9.9549560Memory Signal Processing technology that improves the endurance, performance and cost of flash storage referred to as multilevel cell flash or MLC. Genesis SSDs for network and server attached storage based on consumer-grade NAND flash chips. Herzliya
Anorad  –  (972).4.9095222Linear motor systems and technology – Servo controllers, Anoline linear servo motors, standard positioning stages, PCLM and Anocast composites, air bearing systems. Yokneam Illit
APM Automation Solutions  –  (972).3.6488891Volume measurement instruments. 3DLevelScanner measures any kind of material stored in large open bins, bulk solid storage rooms, stockpiles and warehouses by 3D mapping of contents. Incorporates APM’s proprietary non-contact dust-penetrating technology. Tel Aviv
Applied Materials Israel  –  (972).8.9488888Semiconductor fabrication process diagnostics and control products. Wafer and reticle inspection systems. SEM based metrology systems. Rehovot
Arel Control  –  (972).8.9433020Advanced computerized systems for central control, combining dye recipes and dye programs for the textile industry. Plant management control systems. Yavne
Ashot Ashkelon Industries  –  (972).8.6721511Shafts for turbofan and turboprop jet engines and other aerospace applications. Tungsten based products for aerospace, defense, medical and other uses. Gears, transmissions and gearboxes for aerospace, automotive and defense applications. Ashkelon
Astronautics  –  (972).3.9251555Mission and Display Processor (MDP) for avionics systems of F-5, Mig-21, F-4, BO105 , A-4, KTX-2 , C-130 Gunship , T-38, MB-339 C/D and Mirage III fighter planes. Air Data Computers (ADCs). Cockpit instruments. Navigation System (INS/GPS). Petah Tikva
Ateka  –  (972).3.9392311Manufacture and installation of a wide range of industrial electrical equipment, control, automation, software and electronics systems. Air purification systems. Electronics and communication racks. Subsidiary of Afcon Industries Ltd. Petah Tikva
Athena Smartcard Solutions  –  (972).9.9517550Smart Cards. Cryptographic Smart Cards for national and corporate security and health insurance applications. Smart card readers for PC. Cryptographic Smart Card Software Development Kits. PKCS#11 and Smart Card CSP. Herzliya
Aurora Technologies  –  (972).4.8576982Smart card controllers for unattended applications and for vending machines. Point of sale terminals for smart cards and magnetic cards. Electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) for buses and taxi cabs. Time and attendance units. Tirat Hacarmel
Av-Gad  –  (972).3.6816767Manufacturer of electronic alarm and security systems for residential, commercial, industrial and military applications. Easyloader series with multiple zone control panels. Systems include remote communications, event logs, siren and voice modules. Tel Aviv
Azimuth Technologies  –  (972).9.7612500Target acquisition and navigation for defense field intelligence, target identification, directing fire elements such as artillery and rockets, attack aircraft and helicopters. GPS Navigation and communication for commercial cellular markets. Raanana
BAE Systems ROKAR  –  (972).2.5329888Aircraft self-defense Chaff and Flare Dispensing Systems (CFDS). Integrated with Missile Warning Systems (MWS) and Radar Warning Receivers (RWR). Stores Management Systems (SMS) for helicopters and light attack aircraft. GPS receivers for defense. Jerusalem
Bar Tal Electronic Enclosures  –  (972).3.5515951Manufacture of electronic enclosures and packages for the electronics industry. Turnkey services include mechanical manufacturing (CNC punching, CNC bending, laser cutting, engraving), painting (coating, thermal treatment, silk printing), etc. Bat Yam
Baran Advanced Technologies  –  (972).8.6200020Piezo ceramic Push Buttons, Keypads, Keyboards and pointing devices. Airplace cockpit access control system. Omer
Barkan Mounting Systems  –  (972).Design and manufacturing of superior mounting systems for consumer electronics. LCD/ Plasma wall mounts. Projector ceiling mounts. Stylish mounts for TV screens. Speaker wall mounts. Audio/video shelf and cable cover for home cinema. Barkan
BeamWorks  –  (972).4.6041818Automated Multi Process Assembly System that incorporates dispensing, pick and place, laser soldering and inspection capability for surface mount technology. In-line Automated Selective Soldering systems. In-Line Automated Optical Inspection systems. Migdal HaEmek
Beepcard  –  (972).3.6124274Reader-free smart card. Comdot technology enables wireless sonic communication with a PC or phone without a card reader. Cards use digital IDs to authenticate the user. Can be incorporated into regular cards with magnetic stripes and embossed numbers. Ramat-Gan
BioView  –  (972).8.9366868Duet automated microscopic scanning of blood and bone marrow samples for detection of rare cells based on fluorescent markers. Applications: Bone marrow transplantation, multiple myeloma, stem cell analysis, interphase FISH analysis, metaphase finder. Nes Ziona
BrainsGate  –  (972).9.7456252Medical device for electrical stimulation of spheno-palatine ganglion to increase cerebral blood flow and the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for treatment of acute ischemic stroke and drug delivery into the CNS. Raanana
Brossh Inspection Systems  –  (972).4.9588185VISION LC machine vision application for mechanical parts, dimension control, defect inspection, microelectronics . Electronics boards, medical parts inspection. Inspection system for stopcocks and cylindrical-type parts. RFID visual inspection. Karmiel
BVR Systems  –  (972).3.9008000Simulation and training systems for military and civilian sectors. Air, sea and land vehicle simulators, land combat maneuvering instrumentation systems, pilot training systems. Rosh Ha’ayin
Cadence  –  (972).9.9712500Electronic design automation (EDA) technologies and engineering services that speed IC and system design for semiconductors, printed circuit boards and systems used in consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment and computer systems. Herzliya
Cadent  –  (972).3.63414413D information services to dental offices and laboratories. OrthoCAD 3D: digital orthodontic models with the “look and feel” of plaster models. Electronic Impression Device: intra-oral scanner for generating crown/bridge using CAD/CAM technology. Or Yehuda
Caesarea Medical Electronics  –  (972).4.6271737Intravenous (IV) medication delivery and multi functional infusion therapy devices. Miniature portable pumps for home and ambulatory use. Applications: Total Parenteral Nutrition, Chronotherapy: Sinusoidal infusion protocols for Chemotherapy. Caesarea
Camtek AOI Systems  –  (972).4.6048100Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems and related products for the PCB market. Migdal HaEmek
Card Guard  –  (972).8.9484000Telemedicine monitoring systems. Portable ECG recorders and transmitters for physicians and cardiac patients. Transtelephonic Spirometer. Fetal and maternal monitor. Glucometer. Telemedicine software package for management of medical data and activities. Rehovot
Caspit  –  (972).Manufacturer of transaction automation systems. Host computer systems (TRAMMS). End-user equipment (POS terminals). Smart cards, readers, PIN pads.
Catom Energy  –  (972).4.8500661Catom Light management System (CLMS) enables savings of high voltage lighting electricity consumption by monitoring amount of light in real time. Reports based on information stored in the database. Haifa
CByond  –  (972).4.8200578Miniature and disposable cameras attached to endoscopes and catheter tips with capability for stereoscopic 3D image acquisition. Applications in diagnostics, urology, gynecology, bronchoscopy, gastroenterology and interventional intra-vascular cardiology. Nesher
CEVA  –  (972).9.9613700DSP cores and IP platforms. Communication: Bluetooth, 802.11, 2.5G, 3G and Multi-Gig serial comms. Electronic platforms – GPS, digital audio, Smartphone, PDA, and VOIP. PLLXpert: Design and deployment service for PLL and Clock Synthesis IP Cores. Herzliya
Cheetah Medical  –  (972).3.6440288Bioreactance technology – non-invasive cardiac output measurement (NICOM). Non-invasive tracking of hemodynamic parameters including vascular resistance, blood pressure, stroke volume, heart rate, thoracic fluid content, ventricular ejection time, dX/dt. Tel Aviv
Chip PC  –  (972).4.8580999Manufacturer of Chip PC thin client and server-based-computing technologies. Chip PC has compact size (180 g) and low power consumption (3.5 W), is reliable (with no moving parts), configurable by a Software Management suite. PC/SC PKI smart card.
CI Semi  –  (972).4.6448882Noncontact Temperature Monitor (NTM), Electro-optical temperature monitor based on the measurement of optical characteristics of semiconductor wafers. WetSpec100 non-contact monitor of chemical composition of liquids such as peroxide in slurry, HF, HCl.
CI Systems Electro-Optics Division  –  (972).4.6448888Electro-optical test and measurement systems for defense, industrial and scientific markets. Collimators, Flir and laser test systems, remote sensing spectroradiometers, blackbodies. Migdal HaEmek
Civcom  –  (972).3.9229229Dynamic opto-electronic components for communications, measurement and military applications. Optical switches and shutters based on Solid Free Space (SFS) ultra-fast, polarization independent switching. LIDAR/LADAR, Laser Range Finders, Fiber Gyro, FLIR. Petah Tikva
CMT Medical Technologies  –  (972).4.8566220Medical equipment for cardiac cathetherization, interventional radiology and general radiography applications. SmartSPOT – digital photospot system for ERCP, urology, GI and angiography examinations. Haifa
CogniTens 3D Vision Systems  –  (972).3.54882223D vision measurement systems for industrial applications, mainly for automotive and aerospace industries. Core technology: reconstruction of 3D space (modeled by a cloud of feature points) from multiple projections obtained by CCD cameras. Ramat HaSharon
CompuLab  –  (972).4.8222140CORE module product line – miniature single board computers designed to serve as the heart of embedded applications. X86BASE boards – small stand-alone PC-compatible computers with standard connectors for peripherals. Haifa
Compulite Systems  –  (972).9.7446555Manufacturer of console control equipment for the entertainment technology industry. Computerized digital lighting control systems. Digital dimming systems (SCR and Sine-Wave). Motion systems (yokes), dowsers and color changers. Hod HaSharon
Connect One  –  (972).9.7660456Fabless semiconductors for connecting devices to IP-based networks. iChip updateable Internet Controller chips for embedding IP-based communication in low-cost non-PC devices running M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. Wireless internet adapters. Kfar Sava
Controp Precision Technologies  –  (972).9.7440661Electro-optical and precision motion control systems. Stabilized Observation Payloads for surveillance on helicopters, aircraft, boats and ground vehicles. Thermal imaging cameras with high performance zoom lens. Aerial reconnaissance film cameras. Hod HaSharon
CyOptics  –  (972).4.909622240Gbps Indium Phosphide Electro-Absorption Modulators for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems to increase bandwidth over fiber optic backbones by transmitting several wavelengths of light simultaneously over the same optical fiber. Yokneam
Deep Breeze  –  (972).4.6266650Vibration Response Imaging (VRI) displays pulmonary images by capturing the vibration response energy generated by the lungs, creates a radiation-free, dynamic, real-time structural and functional image of the lungs throughout the respiration process. Or Akiva
Degem Systems  –  (972).3.9002323Training systems for industry professionals. Mechatronics: Hydronics, FMS, Material Flow, CIM. Analog and digital telecommunications, microwaves, lasers. Autotronics: automotive electricity and electronics. Computerized refrigeration training Rosh Ha’ayin
Denx  –  (972).2.6417748DentSim – computerized dental training system using advanced imaging and simulation technologies. IGI – Image Guided Surgery system aimed at dental implant practitioners. Includes assessment of bone density, and high accuracy motion tracking system. Jerusalem
DIP Tech  –  (972).9.7633166Manufacturer of inkjet digital printing systems for the glass industry. GlassJet the first industrial direct-on-glass digital printer; uses solvent-based ceramic ink for laminated and tempered glass. Used in architecture and automotive industry. Kfar Sava
Direx Medical Systems  –  (972).3.9248095Thermex-I Trans-Urethral Radio-Frequency (TURF) system for Prostatic thermal treatment. AccuKnife for stereotactic radiosurgery and conformal radiotherapy. Osteoporosis Diagnostic Treatment Center for bone diagnosis and treatment. Petah Tikva
DSP Group  –  (972).9.9529696SmartCores programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) cores used in semiconductor chips for diverse applications: digital cellular phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, multimedia devices, modems, VoIP, telephony and hard disk drive controllers. Herzliya Pituach
Duma Optronics  –  (972).4.8200577Optical beam positioning measurement systems. Beam analysis systems (beam profilers, M2 meter, Divergence meter). Multi-Channel power meters. Optical fiber beam analysis systems. Tailor made test stations. Nesher
EasyPark  –  (972).4.6868000EasyPark parking meter on a smart card that can be used for on-street or parking lot and toll-road payments. Card system can be employed by municipalities to replace steel parking meters. Rosh Pina
Elbit Systems  –  (972).4.8315315Aircraft upgrades, helicopter upgrades, avionics systems, unmanned airborne vehicles, naval combat systems integration, combat vehicle upgrades, simulators, security systems, helmet mounted systems, electro-optical systems (el-op subsidiary). Haifa
Elbit Systems Electro-optics Elop  –  (972).8.9386211Electro-optical sensors and systems, lasers, visible and thermal imaging, stabilized payloads for all military applications, remote observation systems, space-borne sensors, fire control systems, avionics instruments, diode pumped lasers, FLIRS. Rehovot
Elbit Vision Systems (EVS), ScanMaster  –  (972).9.8661600Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for quality control of manufacturing textiles, fabrics, composite materials, plastic films. Automated Ultrasonic (UT) inspection-imaging systems and transducers for aerospace, pipe, automotive and railway industry. Kadima
Eldat Communication  –  (972).3.6887879Electronic shelf labels for retailers using infra red (IR) technology. ESL system gets the prices from the computerized Point Of Sale (POS) system and transmits it through transceivers in store’s ceiling, to the ESLs located on shelves in the store. Tel Aviv
Electric Fuel  –  (972).2.9906666Manufacturer of high-capacity, high-power zinc-air batteries for portable electronic devices such as cellular telephones, camcorders, handheld computers and PDA’s, medical devices, as well as for electric vehicles and defense applications. Beit Shemesh
Electronics Line  –  (972).3.9211119Home network and security technology. Wireless home network systems that enable remote monitoring and control of electronic devices at home from anywhere in the world and security application. Petah Tikva
Elisra Electronics Systems  –  (972).3.6175522Airborne self protection Radar and Laser warning systems. EW suites for combat ships and submarines. ESM/ELINT systems for aircraft, ships and land-based vehicles. Maritime patrol aircraft suites. EW simulators and training systems. Bnei Brak
Elisra Microelectronics  –  (972).3.6175472Design of IF and RF receiving products for EW and radar systems. Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers (DLVAs). FM Discriminators. IF Limiters. S-RAM and Flash Memory modules. Analog/digital Multi Chip Modules (MCMs). Alphanumeric LED display modules. Bnei Brak
Elisra Microwave Division  –  (972).3.6175472Microwave facility can integrate almost any custom RF chain to a single component. Synthesizers and frequency sources. Passive components: Filters, Couplers, Multiplexers. Low Noise Amplifiers. Transmitters. Receivers. Static RAM and Flash EEPROM devices. Bnei Brak
Elmo Motion Control  –  (972).3.9292300High-reliability digital servo drives and motion controllers for DC-brush and brushless motors. Composer: Windows software for operation of motion control systems using ELMO’s digital amplifiers with CANopen interface. Petah Tikva
Elron Electronic Industries  –  (972).4.8545000Defense electronics, communications, semiconductors and, information technology. Haifa
Elspec  –  (972).4.6272470Manufacturer of products to improve electrical network quality. Equalizer – transient-free real-time power factor controller. Power Quality Analyzer – RMS Dual load precision analyzer with computer support for panel mounting. Caesarea
Elta Systems Group  –  (972).8.8572312Electromagnetic sensors (radar, electronic warfare and communication) and Information Technology. Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Systems. Microwave, antennas, transmitters, signal processors. Special test equipment. Data Links and SATCOM. Ashdod
Emza Visual Sense  –  (972).9.7679333WiseEye miniature surveillance sensor for outdoor intruder detection that continuously analyzes the visual scene and sends images only during alert. Applications in traffic monitoring, customer tracking, railroad crossings, toll booths. Kfar Sava
Epos  –  (972).9.7673565High Resolution Local Positioning Systems (HR-LPS). Chipset for digital pens for PC, mobile phones, PDA’s, Absolute True Positioning for Assembly Robotics, toys, industrial appliance etc. Kfar Sava
EPS Tech  –  (972).9.7498585Electronic packaging and integration on various platforms: industrial PC, VME, CPCI/2.16. Diagnostics services for embedded computing systems. Punching, bending, grinding, milling machines to produce mechanical packaging. Front panel production. Tsur-Yigal
EVT Technology  –  (972).3.9291511Developor of DVR/NVR (Digital/Networked Video Recording) technology for the surveillance CCTV market. V-Xtream Mobile digital video and audio recorder for the automotive market using wireless network and integrated with GPS technology. Petah Tikva
Exatel Visual Systems  –  (972).8.9316130Broadcast quality video distribution and recording for the digital video market. High quality, cost-effective, MPEG-2 compliant video encoding engine. DVN-2200 – MPEG-2 encoder for the digital cable headend. PVR – Personal Video Recorder Module. Rehovot
Excalibur Systems  –  (972).2.6541050MIL-STD-1553 Multi-channel boards which operate as a bus controller, remote terminal or bus monitor. Mini Munitions Store Interface (MMSI) modules. ARINC-708 /453 for Weather Radar Display databus. Multi-protocol test, simulation board for PCI computers. Jerusalem
Frontline PCB Solutions  –  (972).8.9322183XPlan – Engineering tool for CAM automation. Genesis 2000 – provides optimized CAM via full pre-production automation for PCB fabricators.
G.I. View  –  (972).3.6111818Miniature, self-propelling, self-navigating, disposable camera for colonoscopy screening. Colon inspection system includes a workstation that processes data from the digital camera and reconstructs picture of the entire colonic mucosa. Ramat-Gan
Gamatronic Electronic Industries  –  (972).2.5888222Manufacturer of power electronics devices including UPS systems, power systems for the telecom market, DC to AC inverters, line voltage stabilizers, frequency changers, battery chargers. Jerusalem
Ganis Systems  –  (972).8.9477448Manufacturing of parking solutions based on Personal Parking Meters controlled by a Smart Card technology. Smart Park In Car Parking Meter (ICPM). Parking Control Unit (PCU) enables remote authentication of parking of a vehicle by IR communication. Nes Ziona
Gavish  –  (972).8.6900770Production of sapphire and other crystalline materials for use in semiconductor process equipment, analytical and medical laser and optical applications. Omer
GE Healthcare  –  (972).4.8579290Manufacturer of single and dual head cameras and workstations with a new disease-detecting technology that incorporates nuclear medicine and X-ray Tomography (CCT) allowing functional anatomical mapping. Tirat Hacarmel
Genoa Color Technologies  –  (972).9.9509970Developer of multiple primary color technology. Advanced real-time algorithms that address the creation of color space. Design of electro-optic color filters to improve color gamut and performance of displays. Mmobile displays and spectral color displays. Herzliya Pituach
Gidel  –  (972).4.6391708PROC boards: Generic FPGA/PLD based boards for system prototyping and ASIC emulation. Mezzanine boards with LVDS communication and fast prototyping capability. SW for Automatic generation of hardware/software interface for user design in a PC environment. Ein Ayala
GigaLinx  –  (972).9.9575350Krypton DSP processing engine for GigE-Vision cameras. GigE-Connect SA-CLB, camera link base to gigabit ethernet stand alone converter. Composite, YC, RGB to Gigabit Ethernet stand alone converter. GigE traffic accelerator for Windows. Herzliya
GigOptix  –  (972).4.8550011MMIC solutions that enable next generation wireless microwave systems up to 90GHz and drivers, TIAs and TFPS optical modulators for 40G and 100G fiber-optic telecommunications and data-communications networks. Haifa
Given Imaging  –  (972).4.9097777Given system – an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis of diseases of the small intestine. The system consists of M2A swallowable imaging capsule, a “walkman-like” recorder, and a computer installed with proprietary image processing software. Yokneam
Glucon Medical  –  (972).3.9347660Non-invasive glucose monitoring devices for the diabetic market based on a novel Photoacoustic (optical and sound-based) technology. Petah Tikva
Grip  –  (972).3.9026105Design, engineering and production services for intelligent machines, robots and image processing-based systems. GServo – Digital Distributed Servo Control. ISCAN: robotic workcell for unloading flat glass sheets off the continuous float glass line. Rosh Ha’ayin
Hi-Tech Mechanics  –  (972).2.6793368High precision machining service for diverse applications in electronics, medical, optic, robotic, aeronautics and communication industries. Materials used include aluminum, steel and plastic. Specialize in prototype machining. Reverse engineering. Jerusalem
Home Free Systems  –  (972).3.6488690Tele-homecare monitoring for Alzheimer patients. Personal Watcher, a small body-borne device, enables continuous, wireless, transfer of individual data to local monitoring stations and/or remote monitoring centers. Tel Aviv
HP Indigo  –  (972).8.9381818Digital color printing systems. Digital Offset Color technology combines the quality of ink-based offset printing with the performance advantages of electronic imaging. Proprietary ElectroInk for commercial and industrial printing markets. Rehovot
HP Israel  –  (972).9.7623222Local HP offices represent the full range of HP products including printers and computer systems. HP has also purchased major Israel printer companies such as Scitex Vision and Indigo. Raanana
IDesia  –  (972).4.6371938BioDynamic Signature (BDS) authentication technology for commercial and homeland security. BDS sensors are comprised of two-dimensional conductive contacts, smaller than other biometrics sensors. Biometric sensing directly on ISO smart cards. Caesarea
IES  –  (972).3.7530753Electronic equipment; Multimedia training simulators; Hardware and software design for military and civilian markets; Automatic test equipment for airborne radio communication. Ramat-Gan
InSightec  –  (972).ExAblate – Magnetic Resonance (MRI) guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) device that focuses ultrasound energy, to heat and destroy tumor cells inside the body while sparing tissue outside the tumor. Therapy of uterine fibroids. Tirat Hacarmel
Intel Electronics  –  (972).4.8655555Intel Pentium microprocessor development and production. Networking, wireless telecommunications and Internet telephony solutions. Jerusalem
Intelitek  –  (972).Solutions for teaching Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) including software, hardware and multimedia curriculum for courses in fluid power, process control, robotics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and other subjects. Rosh Ha’ayin
InterCure  –  (972).2.9212126Proprietary technology platforms to treat chronic diseases with interactive therapeutic devices and eHealth technologies. RESPeRATE – self-treatment of hypertension with device-guided breathing exercises. Lod
International Technologies Lasers  –  (972).3.9616567Laser based systems and sensors for GIS, surveying, speed and distance control, laser systems for the construction industry, industrial laser marking systems. Night vision systems for military, laser aiming devices, portable fire control systems. Rishon LeZion
Intrinsix  –  (972).9.7414436Turnkey electronic product design, Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC), ASIC or FPGA. Large (500k-1 million gates) multi-chip systems. Embedded SRAM/DRAM integration. Wireless networking and digital media products. Fuzzy logic and neural networks. Raanana
ioIMAGE  –  (972).9.9546003TotalTrack surveillance that can identify intruders without human intervention. Video Threat Detection (VTD) system extends Video Motion Detection (VMD) by adaptive tracking algorithms to control PTZ cameras automatically. Used in the Israeli Parliament. Herzliya Pituach
I-Scan Robotics  –  (972).9.8912780Glass industry float glass cold-end equipment. Automatic robotic glass stacking, cutting, snapping and breaking systems. Hawk and Condor – robotized unloading and stacking of LES and jumbo glass sheets. HawkEye Cut-Glass inspection system. Kadima
Israel Aircraft Industries  –  (972).3.9353343Upgrading of aircraft and civil helicopters. Conversion of passenger aircraft to freighters. Unmanned air vehicle. Air traffic control. Ballistic missile defense systems. Sea to sea missiles. Electro-optical payloads. Electronic warfare. Air defense. Lod
Israel Electric Corporation  –  (972).The only electric utility company owned by the State of Israel that generates, transmits and distributes all the electricity used in Israel. The company owns and operates 17 power stations.
Itamar Medical  –  (972).4.6177000Endo-PAT2000 device for coronary artery endothelial function assessment with high sensitivity and specificity compared to the coronary blood flow response to intra-coronary acetylcholine-infusion. Watch-PAT100 for sleep-related breathing disorders. Caesarea
ITL Optronics  –  (972).3.9277444Night Vision systems for combat infantry. Fire control and target acquisition system for light weapons. Lightweight C4I system and software for infantry. MARS Multi purpose accurate weapon aiming sight. Weapon mounted RED (Visible) laser aiming light. Petah Tikva
Jemtex Ink Jet Printing  –  (972).8.9243035Patented novel ink jet technology, targeted at printing solutions for industrial applications, such as textile, cardboard, tiles and banners printing. Lod
Joint Binaric Systems  –  (972).3.9212802Development and manufacture of point of sale (POS) systems, cash drawers, touch screen kiosks, magnetic card readers, programmable keyboards, RF ID solutions, industrial small factor computers for the retail, banking and administration environments. Petah Tikva
Jordan Valley Semiconductors  –  (972).4.6543666X-Ray based semiconductor metrology for metal and dielectric thin films. Metrology tools designed specifically for high-volume FABs, and front-end as well as back-end applications. Migdal HaEmek
Kaminario  –  (972).72.222.4488High performance all solid-state SAN storage solutions. Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR) uses a mix of solid-state media (DRAM and Flash) and the Kaminario SPEAR storage to create a fast, highly available and easy to deploy SAN system. Yokneam
Kinetics  –  (972).3.9720200Manufacturer of systems and components for Armored Fighting Vehicles, including: Suspensions, turret drives, NBC protection, air conditioning, engine and transmission components, braking and hydraulic systems.
Kornit Digital  –  (972).3.9085800High-speed digital inkjet printing machines for the garment and apparel printing industry. Printers print Direct-On-Garments. Textile ink compatible with most fabric types such as cotton, cotton blend, lycra and viscose, machine washable and UV resistant. Rosh Ha’ayin
KP Systems  –  (972).4.9873066Long-range radio alarm and data communication products for the security and telemetry (SCADA) industries. Wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. Radio controlled irrigation for parks, highway landscaping, golf courses, municipal needs etc. Tefen
Laser Modeling Israel  –  (972).8.9401168Rapid prototyping services – Solid modeling, stereoLithography models and patterns, RTV silicone rubber molding, urethane casting, RIM molding, plastic CNC machining, aluminum plaster casting, plastic injection molding. Nes Ziona
Lumenis  –  (972).4.9599000Medical devices utilizing pulsed light and laser technologies for aesthetic, surgical, and medical applications, including non-invasive treatment of leg veins, pigmented lesions, skin rejuvenation and dental, OB/GYN and neurosurgery procedures. Yokneam
Maayan IP  –  (972).4.6181800Design services including FPGA, structured ASIC, ASICs and circuit and analog design. Open-source IP-Cores. Binyamina
Magal Security Systems  –  (972).3.5391444Outdoor Perimeter Protection systems for airports, borders, industrial complexes, nuclear and conventional power stations and public utilities. DreamBox: CCTV security. Intrusion detection fence. Photoelectric detection system. Turnkey security projects. Yehud
Mango DSP  –  (972).2.5328706DSP systems for the communications, medical imaging, array, image and voice/audio processing markets for PCI, EVM, cPCI, VME platforms in different form factors. MATLAB based development environment for real-time DSP applications. Jerusalem
Marvell Semiconductor  –  (972).4.9091500Broadband communications technologies and storage products. System-On-Chip (SOC) solutions. Yokneam
Matan Digital Printers  –  (972).3.9002720Manufacturer of digital Piezo, DOD and inkjet printers for industry. High-speed Thermal Transfer printers for traffic signs, tags, labels and ticket converting industry. Spark1612 decal, label and sign printing system. Six-color solvent-based inks. Rosh Ha’ayin
MATE -Intelligent Video  –  (972).2.5885000Intelligent video surveillance systems. Video object detection, behavior tracking and identification of specific behaviors to minimize false alarms. TriggerCam CCD camera with DSP board for access control. DSP embedded device for people flow counting. ??? ?????
Mavix  –  (972).4.9892492Video surveillance and remote monitoring systems over IP. Remote control of sensors and alarm. Traffic data detector. Applications: Transportation, city traffic management, security and access control, industrial control. Wireless handheld video receiver. Yokneam
Maytronics  –  (972).4.6598111Automatic pool cleaners. Moby easy-to-service robot pool cleaner. Dolphin, self-diagnostic cleaning for public and Olympic pools that climbs walls. Self contained filter for savings on main pool filter. Cable-free robot with remote control. Kibbutz Yizrael
Medex Screen  –  (972).8.9953584Medex Test hand-held device for measurement of electrical skin impedance of dermal-visceral zones. Diagnostic tool for inner organ pathology. Screens cardiovascular, gastroenterological, hepatic, immune, respiratory, endocrine and spinal cord systems. Arad
Medical Compression Systems  –  (972).4.6266630WizAir – miniature mobile pneumatic compression systems with Calf-Length Sleeves for deep venous thrombosis (DVT) prevention, reduction of postoperative wound healing time. Wound care patients with diabetic and venous related ulcers. Or Akiva
Medical Electronic Systems (MES)  –  (972).4.6373981FDA approved Sperm Quality Analyzers, testing kits and capillaries. Systems for analysis of human and animal (turkey, bull, pig, horse and sheep) semen provide automated total and motile sperm concentration, percent motility and velocity. Caesarea
MediGuide  –  (972).4.8500690Medical Positioning System (MPS) enables real time tracking of miniature sensors integrated into therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices such as catheters, needles and other surgical tools. Haifa
MediGus  –  (972).8.6466880Developer of endoscopic devices for the treatment of gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The SRS system combines in a single instrument, a video flexible gastroscope, a surgical stapler and ultrasonic sights for alignment. Omer
Medisim  –  (972).2.5791921High-speed thermometers for forehead measurement using R.A.T.E. (Rapid, Accurate Temperature Establishment) technology. The product line includes thermometers for measuring at temple area or under the arm, orally or rectally. FDA and CE certified. Neve Ilan
Medivision Medical Imaging  –  (972).4.9894884MediVision develops, manufactures and markets high-tech electro-optical products in the field of medical imaging. Yokneam Illit
Medoc  –  (972).4.9830751Quantitative sensory testing (QST) devices for evaluation of the Central and Peripheral Nervous system. Applications include assessment of Pain caused by injury or disease, female sexual dysfunction and clinical trials of drugs for diabetic neuropathy. Ramat Yishai
MedSim Advanced Medical Simulation  –  (972).9.7421412Medical simulators using advanced hardware and software for medical training and evaluation of medical skills and competency. UltraSim for ultrasound training and emulation of cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology. Kfar Sava
Mega_F Motion Systems  –  (972).4.9891050Software programmable DSP based motion control products for highest quality automated systems. Applications include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic testing and inspection stations, imaging systems and printing machinery. Yokneam
MEL Medical Enterprises  –  (972).3.9244830Synergo – Medical device for minimally invasive therapeutic outpatient method for ablation of Superficial Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder (STCCB). Petah Tikva
Mellanox Technologies  –  (972).4.9593244Semiconductor I/O building blocks for Internet infrastructure. InfiniBridge product family based on InfiniBand point-to-point high-speed switch fabric interconnect architecture that is independent of the host operating system and processor platform. Yokneam
Mempile  –  (972).2.5338600Development of removable optical storage technology allowing for the storage of 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) of information on a single inexpensive disc. Neve Ilan
Metrolight  –  (972).9.8633060SuperHID microprocessor-controlled family of electronic HID ballasts. Ballasts enable continuous, flicker-free dimming of HID lamps. MetroControl software for central control and monitoring of industrial and commercial HID lighting systems. Netanya
MicroKim  –  (972).4.8577490RF Microwave components and subsystems, antennas for PCs. Military field testers: radar signal simulators, altimeter tester. Tirat Hacarmel
Micronet  –  (972).3.5584886Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) ranging from display terminal to On-Board Computer with built-in GPS and modem including Windows CE/.NET platform. Used in trucking, distribution, transportation (taxis and rentals), utilities, public safety (police, fire). Azur
Minicom Advanced Systems  –  (972).2.5359666Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) for server management. DX – KVM matrix management switch that provides 24/7, out-of-band BIOS level management for high-density server room and data center. Audio, video and serial distribution systems for digital signage. Jerusalem
MobilEye Vision Technologies  –  (972).2.5417333EyeQ vision-system-on an ASIC chip. AWS (Advance Warning System) vision system for driver assistance. Applications: Lane Departure Warning (LDW), pedestrian recognition, adaptive headlight control, traffic sign recognition. Jerusalem
Modem Art  –  (972).9.7469264Fabless semi-conductor company that specializes in developing system-on-a-chip solutions for wideband and broadband communications systems. Raanana
Motorola Semiconductor Israel  –  (972).9.9522222Design and development of a variety of VLSI microprocessors, digital signal processors, data communication, micro-controllers, PowerPC processors, automotive electronics, cellular communication. Herzliya
Nanometrics  –  (972).4.9591775In-situ Thickness Measurement System. IsTMS measurement tool integrates into all manufacturing platforms for thin film metrology on stationary or moving wafers. Large spot size, broadband Fourier Transform spectral reflectometry. Yokneam
Nanomotion  –  (972).4.9590862Electronic motors without moving parts and magnetic fields, based on reversed Piezo-ceramic technology. Applications include: Microscopes, inspection machines, plotters, robotics, magnetic and optical disk drives, cameras and automotive parts. Yokneam
Nanonics Imaging  –  (972).2.6789573Near-field microscopy systems. Applications include optical characterization of surfaces, optical lithography, failure analysis of microchips, opto-electronic devices, histological specimens and biological samples, confocal imaging. Jerusalem
Negevtech  –  (972).8.9366050Wafer inspection and yield control solutions for the semiconductor industry. Negevtech – A high-resolution brightfield imaging system designed for the 65nm Node. Rehovot
NeoMagic Israel  –  (972).9.8632020Multimedia (graphics, video and audio) chips for handheld low-power devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, portable games. MiMagic System-on-Chip (SOC) architecture combines a RISC CPU, memory, multimedia hardware, and I/O functions. Netanya
Netline Communications Technologies  –  (972).3.5109855Programmable jammers for wireless and cellular communications and cellular phone smart detectors. C-Guard Low Power for indoors coverage. High Power jammer to block large outdoor areas. Very High Power (VHP) jamming any wireless communication device. Tel Aviv
Nexense  –  (972).8.9328224A new generic platform for physical measurements including temperature, pressure, force, flow, volume and distance. Applications in aviation, medical, automotive, communications, sensors. Nexaver sleep monitor. Yavne
Nextec  –  (972).4.8571308WIZprobe – 3D optical laser scanning sensor that can be integrated in any CMM system. Applications include quality inspection, digitizing, injection moulding, metalworking and reverse engineering. Tirat Hacarmel
Nibea Quality Management  –  (972).77.9014000TestShell software for automated functional testing. Code-less creation of functional testing programs. Set of advanced algorithms for data analysis. Standardized drivers for testing instruments. Ganey Tikva
NICE Systems  –  (972).9.7753777NiceVision digital video and audio recording and IP platform for long distance security monitoring for public facilities. Command and control for airports, mass transit and tollway operators. PDA connection for security officers. Video content analysis. Raanana
Nofech Electronics  –  (972).2.6510082Manufacture of quartz crystal resonators for OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator) for Piezo electric applications . Standard Crystal Frequency range from 4.096 MHz to 120 MHz. Jerusalem
Nova Measuring Instruments  –  (972).73.2295600Manufacturer of monitoring and measurement systems for the semiconductor industry. Integrated Metrology systems for online control of wafers in production and Integrated Process Control systems for CMP, CVD and Photolithography manufacturing processes. Rehovot
Novacom Technologies  –  (972).9.7469981Single-chip ICs for communications with proprietary Reclocking Technologies. ICs for ATM 25Mb/s Networks and Token Ring local area networks, for the IBM AS/400 systems, multiplexers, stars and repeaters supporting IBM 5250 standards. Raanana
NSC – Natural Speech Communication  –  (972).3.9519779DSP based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) boards for mass-market telephony voice driven services. Target systems: Telephony, intelligent peripherals, IVR systems, VoIP Soft Switches. Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), calling cards, voice mail. Rishon LeZion
N-Trig  –  (972).3.6443933Input devices for Flat Panel Display (FPD) systems. Transparent electromagnetic digitizers for tablet PC and thin client platforms. Multi point input device. Passive Stylus without any batteries. Fingertip operation. Z axis detection above screen. Tel Aviv
O.D.F. Medical  –  (972).3.6255870G-View, Ob/Gyn vaginal endoscope for real time imaging, inspection and detection of vulva, vagina and cervix abnormalities. L-view laparoscope integrating Omni Directional field of view displaying full cylindrical scene using Panoramic lenses. Tel Aviv
O.D.F. Optronics  –  (972).3.6255870Eye Ball R1 rotating imaging device in a durable ball that transmits real time video via wireless communication. ODR omni-directional reconnaissance system for armored vehicles. Video Motion Detection (VMD) algorithms for omni-directional cameras. Tel Aviv
Ofil  –  (972).8.9407953Solar Blind UV (SBUV) optical filters with UV BandPass that enable detection of faint UV signals in full daylight, for homeland security, law enforcement and power distribution markets. DayCor corona camera system for electrical utility industry. Nes Ziona
OMATIVE Systems  –  (972).2.6510310Adaptive Control and Monitoring (ACM) systems for milling, drilling, metal cutting CNC machines. ACM continuously monitor spindle load, adjust feed rate in real time and prevent damage to the spindle, workpiece and tools. Jerusalem
Omek Optics  –  (972).4.6514560Custom optical and opto-mechanical designs for military, medical and high-tech industries. Turnkey assembly of optical systems. Optical microscopy. Cassegrain systems. Optics for high power industrial lasers. FLIR systems. Achromatic lens design. ??? ?’?????? (???)
On Track Innovations – OTI  –  (972).4.6868000Contactless microprocessor-based smart card solutions that can process security algorithms like DES, RSA and ECC. Readers support ISO 14443 Type A and Type B standards. Cards can be incorporated in key chains, tags, stickers and wristwatches. Rosh Pina
Opgal Optronic Industries  –  (972).4.9953903Electro-optical systems; thermal imaging systems; night vision devices; medical equipment. Karmiel
Ophir Optronics  –  (972).2.5484444Laser measurement instrumentation for laser power, energy, beam profile and spectrum. Optical assemblies for IR thermal vision systems. Diamond fly cutting and turning machines. Jerusalem
OphthoCare  –  (972).FDA approved electronic eye glasses for treatment of Amblyopia (lazy eye syndrome) in children. Liquid Crystal Glasses (LCG) function as an electronic shutter incorporated into the optical refractive lens. Applications in treatment of ocular disorders. Beer-Sheva
Optical Imaging  –  (972).8.9463259Retinal Function Imager (RFI): non-invasive ophthalmic imaging system that maps the retina providing Blood Flow Velocity Analysis, Capillary Perfusion Map, Multi-spectral Imaging for Qualitative Retinal Oximetry and Metabolic Functional Imaging. Rehovot
Optigo Systems  –  (972).8.9150388Contracted development of electro-optical systems: Long wave semiconductor lasers, shortwave-infrared imagers and cameras. Free-space optical (FSO) communication. Optical IRST and situation awareness system, TED (Transient Event Detector). Lod
Optoacoustics  –  (972).3.6344488Manufacturer of optical fiber-based acoustic sensors. Optical microphone for functional MRI used for human brain mapping. Microphones for acoustic measurement and communications in high noise areas, oil rigs. Accelerometers for vibration measurement. Or Yehuda
Orbotech  –  (972).8.9423533Manufacturer of equipment for inspecting and imaging circuit boards and display panels using proprietary automated optical inspection (AOI), imaging and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies. Yavne
Orex Computed Radiography  –  (972).4.9591331Distributed Computed Radiography (D-CR) system. PcCr Scanner digitizes X-ray data on reusable phosphor plates for display on standard PCs in the RAD room. Dental applications include panoramic, cephalometric, intra-oral and computerized tomography. Yokneam
Oridion  –  (972).2.5899159Manufacturer of medical devices for capnography, respiratory monitoring and breath test diagnostics. Portable bedside monitors, EtCO2 sampling lines. BreathID detects Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria associated with peptic ulcers and gastric cancer. Jerusalem
OrthoScan Technologies  –  (972).4.9937363Radiation-free diagnostic products for the orthopedic field. Ortelius800, A non-invasive, radiation free system for early diagnosis and monitoring of spinal deformities, such as scoliosis and kyphosis. Yokneam
Oscar Sami Electronics  –  (972).3.5588458Electronics equipment. Computer accesories. Batteries. Audio and video cables and accesories. RF and IR communication. Remote controls. Plugs and adapters. Telephone connectors, couplers, jacks, ADSL adapters, coiled extension cords. Holon
OTOT Electronics  –  (972).3.9246665Manufacturer of automatic ticketing systems for admission to public venues such as stadium, museum, park. Electronic Ticket Validator (ETV). Standalone online smart cards. Tickets may be encoded and include magnetic strip, barcode. Turnstiles. Petah Tikva
OzVision  –  (972).8.6894278Plug and play remote video technology that transmits quality images over phone lines, satellite or Internet. OzLine 4VC works with most existing CCTV equipment. Kibbutz Nahal Oz
Panoramic Power  –  (972).9.7667600Energy management systems based on low cost, wireless, self-powered sensors engineered to allow rapid installation. Cloud-hosted data management service for energy savings. Kfar Sava
Phantom Technologies  –  (972).3.9215720Development and manufacture of special jammers for cellular and RF communications. Pelican Case Cell Phone Jammer Dual Band. GSM Monitoring System. Jammers to prevent cellular phone triggering and detonation of remote controlled explosive devices. Petah Tikva
Philips Medical Systems Israel  –  (972).4.8310465Computerized imaging systems – Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine systems, Mammography. Haifa
PineApp  –  (972).4.8212321Mail-SeCure – an email perimeter security appliance including mail server with SMTP authentication, spoofing prevention, syntax verification, anti-virus software. Anti-spam module with Commtouch RPD engine. Backscatter prevention system. Nesher
Plurality  –  (972).9.8849934Intellectual Property, semiconductors and acceleration boards for massively-parallel processing. Flagship HyperCore processor: general-purpose accelerator for multicore/manycore SoCs. Task-oriented programming model simplifies parallel code compilation. Netanya
Power Paper  –  (972).3.9007500Thin and Flexible Microelectronics (TFM). Ultra thin, flexible batteries with thin polymer-based displays, integrated circuits and packaging technologies. Allows low-cost, mass-production solutions for a limitless range of electronics products. Kibbutz Einat
R.H. Electronics  –  (972).4.6089000Development of SMT Surface Mount solutions for the electronics industry. Lines for high-speed surface mount and fine pitch assembly from 0402 chips to 15 mil-pitch packages. ICT board testing 24 hours per day. Nazareth
Rachip  –  (972).3.6748223Chip development, ASIC/FPGA design and verification using Specman eRM, System Verilog OVM/VMM, Verilog/Vhdl. Experience in protocols: SONET-SDH, WUSB, UWB, GPON, ATM, HDLC, Ethernet, PCI, PCIExprss2, AHB, USB, SPI4, ARM, SD, SDIO, SMIA. Bnei Brak
RADA Electronic Industries  –  (972).9.8921111Avionics systems. Data acquisition systems and flight data recorders for collecting data during flight for further use on the ground. Ground Debriefing Station (GDS) PC-based system to optimize post-flight debriefing. Commercial Aviation Test Station. Netanya
Radix Technologies  –  (972).3.9606350Instant crash recovery solutions for IT administrators. Classroom control software. Hemed
Raicol Crystals  –  (972).3.9367412Manufacturer of nonlinear optical materials. KTP, RTP crystals for applications in visible to mid-infrared range. Electrooptic and Cr4+:YAG Crystal Passive Q-switch for Nd and Yb doped lasers. BBO (Beta Barium Borate) and LBO (Lithium Triborate) crystals. Yehud
Real-Time Radiography  –  (972).2.6481101Direct Digital Radiography (DR) detectors based on proprietary mercuric iodide x-ray photoconductor technology. Detectors can operate in both dynamic (fluoroscopic) and static imaging applications providing high image quality at low doses of radiation. Jerusalem
RedC Optical Networking  –  (972).3.6476789Developer of EDFA and Raman amplifiers for the C and L band range for WDM optical network system designers and network service providers. Accommodates full spectrum of EDFA applications: Metro, Long-Haul and CATV. Incorporated into Lucent (Chromatis). Tel Aviv
Replicom  –  (972).4.8574720ProxyView – Front end unit to provide network administrators access to multiple servers connected to any KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch through modem, Internet connection, or across a LAN or WAN. Tirat Hacarmel
Ricor  –  (972).4.6530800Cryogenic coolers for IR sensors, cryocoolers for thermal imaging, HTSC, vacuum, X-ray spectrometers. Cryopumps for superconductive devices, telecommunication and medical applications. Cryogenic water vapor pump that does not require a helium compressor. Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud
Rimed  –  (972).9.7484425Developer of non-invasive vascular and Transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems for diagnosing and monitoring cerebral circulation. Automatic detection of emboli. For use in neurology, operating rooms, intensive care units and stroke units. Raanana
RISCO Group  –  (972).3.9637777Security and home automation control systems. Solutions integrate control panels, intrusion detectors, wireless transmitters and receivers and glass-break detectors into security systems serving commercial, industrial and residential applications. Rishon LeZion
Robomow  –  (972).9.8632100Consumer and home robotics. Robomower, robotic mower. Kadima
Rosh Electroptics  –  (972).9.8627401Distributor and representative of many companies in the field of electro-optics. Main line of work: Optical substrates and materials, electro-optics and optical components, lasers etc. Netanya
Rotem Computerized Controllers  –  (972).3.9206200Development and production of climate control and management systems for poultry, hog and greenhouse industries. Rotem Supervisor, top of the line greenhouse irrigation controller. Petah Tikva
Rotlex  –  (972).8.6901144Manufacture of inspection systems for optical lenses, mostly used in quality control of spectacle and contact lenses. Based on Moire Deflectometry. Output includes power, cylinder, axis, MTF, wavefront and power maps, radius, toricity and optical quality. Omer
Saifun Semiconductors  –  (972).9.8928444Patented NROM technology for design and manufacturing of Non Volatile Memory (NVM) devices (Flash, EEPROM and Embedded NVM) enabling high density embedded applications. Netanya
SanDisk  –  (972).9.7645000Flash memory data storage products for electronic systems and digital devices. Originally M-Systems Flash Disk, inventor of DiskOnChip single-chip flash disks with full read/write disk emulation. Kfar Sava
Sarin Technologies  –  (972).3.7515490Manufacturing of planning and measurement systems for diamonds and gemstones. DiaExpert 2000 – Computerized rough diamond maximization and analysis system that allows diamond cutting with maximum yield possible. Ramat-Gan
SCD Semi Conductor Devices  –  (972).4.9902535Manufacturer of IR detectors and electro-optical components. Indium Antimonide (InSb) two dimensional arrays (FPA series). Laser diodes. Haifa
SCsquare  –  (972).3.7657331Apollo OS: Multi-application Smart Card Operating System. Supported standards:SO 7816/1-4,8,9,15. Applications include payment, banking, ID identification, driving licenses, healthcare, passports, employee cards. Tel Aviv
SeBo Technologies  –  (972).9.9500885iPDA series PCI boards for high performance data acquisition systems (up to 2GHz sampling rate). Medical image and data storage systems, biofeedback and diagnostic ultrasound systems. General purpose PC cards including ADC, DAC, I/O and communication. Herzliya
SerVision  –  (972).2. 5350000Video monitoring systems with wireless communication. DVR gateway with Linux OS can be connected to 2-16 cameras including audio. Video transmission over phone, Wi-Fi and cellular networks. PC, mobile phone and PDA interfaces from the web to client. Jerusalem
Shafir Systems  –  (972).9.7679661Manufacturer of computerized systems. Automation systems for the metal and automobile industry. Assembly lines and stations for seat accessories. Packing system for shims with computer vision. Loading and unloading system. Kfar Sava
Shekel Electronic Scales  –  (972).4.6629100Manufacturer of electronic scale systems. P.O.S scales with scanner. Price computing scales. Agricultural weighing systems for cattle, horses, poultry etc. Infant health scales. Kibbutz Beit Keshet
Shkila  –  (972).4.6274411Manufacturer of electronic computerized scales. Bench, platform and truck scale. Silo weighing, dosing systems. Scale connected to automatic packaging systems. Scales for livestock (sheep, cattle, pigs) including livestock software. Caesarea
Sightic  –  (972).9.8854759SV-III Video DSP VLSI device with high sensitivity, dynamic range and resolution for camera enabled mobile phones, digital still cameras and CCTV. CamDoc turns mobile phone into a copy machine and letter-size page scanner at one shoot. Netanya
Silicom Connectivity Solutions  –  (972).9.7644555Multi-port 10GB and Gigabit Ethernet, copper and fiber-optic, server and BYPASS adapters designed to increase throughput of server-based systems, security appliances and other mission-critical gateway applications. Kfar Sava
Silicon Value  –  (972).2.6491444Manufacturer of ultra-high density full-custom ASiXs for the deep-submicron age using metal Poly CMOS processes. Customizable embedded memory blocks, embedded SRAMs, ROMs, FlexCAMs (Content Addressable Memories). A/D and D/A converters. Jerusalem
Sim Squared  –  (972).54.4785056Marine and Submarine simulation products based on PC desktops. Products cover training and technology demonstrator for UAV/ROV, flight, marine and rocket based simulations for a wide range of needs. Yokneam
Simpod Israel  –  (972).4.9937770DeskPOD hardware modeler to verify electronic products constructed from programmable logic, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and off-the-shelf semiconductor devices. Yokneam
Smart Link  –  (972).9.8638000Design of broadband, soft ADSL modem over Ethernet and dial-up modems for desktop PCs, notebooks, internet appliances, digital TV set-top boxes, point of sale (POS) products, and multi-function printers. Embedded modem line includes V.22bis standard. Netanya
Solarian  –  (972).54.9072407Design, engineering and manufacturing of solar powered street lights. All In One Box Solar Lighting System for streets, parks, marinas and other remote area lighting. Solar light bricks. Solar road studs. Solar roof tiles. Mobile solar lighting system. Ashdod
Solid Applied Technologies  –  (972).3.7101440Solid and liquid level measurement and gauging systems. MicroScan: Low-cost ultrasonic gauging device for measurement of liquid and solid levels from up to 5m. SoltaScan: Web enabled radar level measurement system designed for operation in tank farms. Tel Aviv
Spectrum Dynamics  –  (972).4.8580774BroadView, functional imaging technology, accessories and applications to detect abnormalities with higher sensitivity than SPECT. D-SPECT Cardiac Scanner, rapid functional myocardial perfusion imaging. Cardiac-CT Scanner-Functional imaging at CT speeds. Tirat Hacarmel
Spetrotec  –  (972).9.7434555Design and manufacture of automobile security systems. Thunder: Wireless RS232 car alarm system with internal immobilizer. CellguarD: 2 way cellular paging device with GPS module. Motorcycle alarm system. Hod HaSharon
Steadicopter  –  (972).4.9592959Stabilization and navigation systems for unmanned Helicopters. Airborne robotic systems, for high voltage line inspections, military surveillance, traffic control, law enforcement, police forces, media coverage, precision photography. Yokneam
Stern Engineering  –  (972).8.9407233Electronic faucets and flushing devices operated by infra-red sensors. Lavatory and wall-mounted electronic faucets. Electronic flush valves for urinals and toilets. Nes Ziona
Sunlight Medical  –  (972).3.6842626Omnisense7000S sonometer for bone strength assessment using patented Axial Transmission technology for diagnosis and management of osteoporosis. Measures bone properties such as density, elasticity, cortical thickness and micro architecture. Tel Aviv
Supertec Electronics  –  (972).9.7480130Digital, mixed signal and analog ASIC design. Turn key projects for OEMs. FPGA conversion. RTL to gate level synthesis and ATPG. VHDL design. Verilog design. Core design. 90% of projects for international companies. Raanana
Synel  –  (972).4.9596760Time and attendance hardware and software including biometric fingerprint verification. Access control systems. Magnetic card reader. Products range from PC-based systems to complex mainframe-hosted solutions.
Synergy Cables  –  (972).4.8466222Telecommunication Division: manufacture of telephone copper conductors up to 2400 pairs, electronic wires and cables, fiber optic cables. Armored power cables, XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed. Welding cables. Kiryat Bialik
Syneron Medical  –  (972).4.9096200Medical aesthetic devices with combined energy technology using bi-polar radio frequency and light. Applications include hair removal, skin and acne treatment, leg vein vascular treatment, wrinkle treatment. Yokneam
Synterix Technology  –  (972).77.3500341Electronic product design center. ASIC and FPGA design in wireless, ethernet, telecommunications and digital media applications. Verification using Specman, SystemVerilog, Verilog and VHDL languages. System on Chip (SoC) development. Beit Shemesh
Systel  –  (972).8.9313010Integrated configurable system on chip (CSoC) devices for Digital Control of Electronic Power Devices. IDC architecture for building lighting applications, dimmable fluorescent electronic ballast design, automotive motors and actuators. Rehovot
Sytron Technologies  –  (972).3.6194004Integrated custom display and computer solutions for indoors and outdoors. LCD, TFT, Plasma, OLED, touch panels, Anti vandal glass. Applications in public transportation, gas stations, 19″ rack mount. Designed for standard to extreme temperature ranges. Bnei Brak
Tabor Electronics  –  (972).4.8213393Manufacturer and OEM of high-end test and measurement equipment with private-labels. Products include universal counters, timers, synthesizers, pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators with 1 ppm clock accuracy, waveform creation software etc. Haifa
Tadiran Electronic Systems  –  (972).Divisional Artillery Command and Control System (DACCS). Bombard, battalion C4I artillery system. Ballistic missile defense systems. Voice communication system for air force control centers, ships and headquarters. Ruggedized tactical remote receiver.
Tapuz Medical  –  (972).77.2099306Medical Screening Computer for medical check-up examinations including ECG, Spirometry (lung functions), Audiometry, Blood pressure measurement, Pulse oxymetry (SPO2), Visual acuity test. ECG chest electrode belt that replaces traditional electrodes set. Rimonim
TDK-Lambda  –  (972).3.9024333Manufacturer of linear and switching power supplies and DC/DC converters for a wide range of applications including: Industrial, commercial, telecommunications, medical, military, office automation etc. Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha
Techtium  –  (972).3.6443747Fabless semiconductor hybrid battery module allows OEMs to put both a rechargeable battery and a disposable battery in one easy-to-use package making the ideal power pack with both high energy (primary battery) and high power (rechargeable battery). Tel Aviv
Telefire Fire and Gas Detectors  –  (972).3.9211955Manufacturing of fire and gas alarm and detection systems. Smoke, heat and gas detectors. Control panels for fire detection and automatic extinguishing. Fire alarm remote panels for supervision and display. Analog addressable fire alarm control panels. Petah Tikva
Telkoor Power Supplies  –  (972).9.8632333Power supplies with highest power densities and efficiencies in the market. Synchronous rectification for low voltage/high current outputs. ZV/ZC switching. Military power supplies. Open frame AC/DC switchers. Compact PCI AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies. Netanya
Temmek Optics  –  (972).8.9438408Thermal imaging complete optics. Motorized zoom lenses electronically controlled by central CPU. On axis design insures vibration resistant structure, crucial for military, industrial and commercial use. Optical design and thin-film coating services. Yavne
Tessera  –  (972).2.6798890Wafer level chip size packaging for semiconductor devices. ShellOP CSP solution for image sensors and light detection applications. ShellBGA Chip Size packaging for memory, logic, RF, analog, Integrated Passive Components (“IPCs”). Jerusalem
TowerJazz Semiconductor  –  (972).4.6506483Foundry manufacturer of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) on silicon wafers. Embedded non-volatile memory devices, CMOS image sensors, and mixed signal devices. Integration of large Flash arrays in embedded applications. Migdal HaEmek
TrackTec  –  (972).3.5776777Dual Purpose Locator (DPL) low-cost, low-power and high performance tracking device. In addition to standard GPS service, DPL is able to receive and send Real-Time live data from the device/vehicle/person according to the client’s demand. Bnei Brak
Trig Medical  –  (972).4.9597930TrigGuide sensor is attached to the biopsy needle or other interventional tool and to the ultrasound transducer. TrigGuide then overlays easy-to-read graphics on real-time ultrasound image, showing how to position the needle in three-dimensional space. Yokneam
Unitronics  –  (972).3.9778888Designer of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), the computer ‘brains’ that automate mass production lines. OPLC combinea Operating Panels with display, keyboard and Programmable Logic Controllers in a single unified device. Airport City
Urban Aeronautics (UrbanAero)  –  (972).3.6835798Rotorless Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle with no exposed rotors. X-Hawk: protoype of multi-mission, aerial, utility vehicle operating safely in urban and natural environments. Uses include high rise rescue, utility repair. Airport City
Veriest Venture  –  (972).73.7052530IC and EDS design house providing ASIC and Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design services, and Electronic Design complex System engineering services. IPs in many domains including: HDMI, PCI Express, SDIO, AXI, AHB, SPI4, I2C, SMBUS, PMBUS, GPON. Tel Aviv
VeriFone  –  (972).3.9029740Electronic payment systems at the Point-of-Sale (POS). Handheld, wireless and phone line POS terminals, cash registers, PIN pads, smart-card readers, self-service terminals including kiosks and ATMs. Products marketed under the NURIT brand name. Rosh Ha’ayin
VeriSure  –  (972).52.2047888ASIC design and verification. Standard based applications ATM / ETH / SDH-SONET / PCI / USB, CPUS (Palm / CARMEL / X86) and systems (routers, cellular phones, fax machines etc.). Fluent in Verilog/VHDL/C++/Perl/Clearcase/RCS, using PLI/FLI based tools. Tel Aviv
Vishay Israel  –  (972).3.5569123Manufacturer of discrete semiconductors (diodes, rectifiers, transistors, opto-electronics, and selected integrated circuits) and passive electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transducers). Holon
Visionix  –  (972).2.6797401PowerMap series for inspection of optical lenses and multifocal contact lenses including spheric, toric and aspheric lenses, on a Windows based environment. Mold inspection equipment. Systems are based on Hartman 3-D technology. Jerusalem
Voltaire  –  (972).9.9717666nVigor – TCP/ IP to InfiniBand router, connecting InfiniBand fabrics with IP infrastructure. (InfiniBand is a fabric based, switched network, that allows devices such as servers, storage and I/O to communicate at the same time and at very high speeds). Herzliya
Vulcan, Volta Automotive Industries  –  (972).8.8628800Volta brand batteries, range between 36Ah and 220Ah. Standard automotive batteries, batteries for motorcycles, scooters, SUVs and jet skis. Back up batteries. Deep discharge batteries. Products meet standards: DIN, IEC, JIS, Mil Spec., ISO 9000-2000. Gedera
WideMed  –  (972).8.6909488Biosignal processing technologies for real-time identification and prediction of pathological events in clinical and remote sites. Scoring includes Sleep Stages, Respiratory events obstructive apnea, hypopnea, cardiac rhythm monitoring etc. Omer
XLoom Communications  –  (972).3.6919960Chip-scale optical interconnect solution for Grid computing and data center applications. XFlame technology enables wafer level mass production of opto-electric components using standard semiconductor processes, enables a 1:10 reduction of size and cost. Tel Aviv
Yamar Electronics  –  (972).3.5445294DC-BUS technology for multiplex battery power line communication of data and sound. Products for mechatronics, telematics, body electronics, power train at speeds of 10Kbps to 2Mbps based on CAN, LIN. DC-BUS Alliance of carmakers standardized technology. Tel Aviv
Yaskawa Eshed Technology (YET)  –  (972).3.9004114XtraDrive – High-precision AC servo drivers for motion control zero settling time and small tracking error. Applications include wafer and chip handling machines, wafer inspection, wire bonding, chip testing, laser cutting, display inspection machines. Rosh Ha’ayin
Zamir Recognition Systems  –  (972).2.6797460InSignia – License plate recognition system that automatically identifies a vehicle, in real-time, by means of its license plate. Applications include control of access, revenue, security etc., toll roads, border control and traffic enforcement. Jerusalem
Zoran Microelectronics  –  (972).4.8545777Development and manufacturing of VLSI and embedded SW for video and audio compression. Supplier of ICs for DVD players, digital still cameras, digital speakers, etc. Haifa
Zur I.T.C.  –  (972).3.9023355Engineering and maintenance for old military electronic and communication equipment. Products include audio and public address system for command centers and for patrol boats. Labsys evaluation and development system for embedded computers. Rosh Ha’ayin

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