Egyptian Ruler of Exodus Discovery

The nobleman Knumhotep. Could this be the face of the actual Egyptian ruler who gave the Children of Israel such a hard time? If so, other pieces of a multi dimensional Biblical puzzle could soon fall into place.’

I recently had the great pleasure to meet up with the distinguished documentary film maker, archaeological explorer, and author James D. Long.

He was visiting Israel doing research on one of his many sterling projects, and to discuss the financing for the movie ‘Trail of the Ark’.   Jim, as he is commonly called, had a close association with the famous explorer Vendyl Jones, who recently passed away. Vendyl had come close to revealing a possible location for the missing Ark of the Covenant. Jim had previously worked with Vendyl’s expedition seeking to solve this remarkable mystery.

In academic circles, accurately trying to date time periods relating to Biblical stories is a running battle. Accordingly, placing extra-Biblical findings that could shed light on our favorite Bible stories is an even tougher nut to crack without the supporting framework of any universally accepted time period relating to that episode.

Jim gave me a mind opening gift, which underlines the above points. His updated book ‘Riddle of the Exodus’ provides compelling evidence that not only places the Jewish exodus from Egypt firmly within an established dynastic period, but goes even further, identifying the actual pharoah of the Exodus himself!

Why is this such an amazing discovery? Well as mentioned, not only historians argue about Biblical time periods, archaeolgists also enter the fray through identifying their finds to compatible time settings. To take it one step forward, Jim’s discovery, if proven correct, can help to shed light on other hotly debated Biblical mysteries like the Ark of the Covenant.

Long co-produced Search for the Ark of the Covenant for Fox-Lorber’s Quest Series, which aired on the BBC and Dutch Television. While working on their own projects, James and Carol, shot on location in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and England. Their footage was later featured in Giants: The Myth & the Mystery, seen on The Learning Channel; Gold!, a mini-series on the History Channel; Pax Television’s Encounters with the Unexplained, Discovery Channel International’s Secrets of the Holy Land and Science of the Bible, a National Geographic television series.

To discover more about James D. Long or purchase one of his books or DVD’s please go to:

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