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The first Diaspora or dispersal of the Jewish people could reasonably be traced to the Biblical story of Joseph, sold into slavery through the hands of his brothers. This is in stark contrast to the Aliyah story of Abraham, their great grandfather. There then followed the great exodus from Egyptian captivity and another Aliyah into the promised land, by later descendants of Joseph and his brothers. That celebrated event was led by Moses the law giver.

The Children of Israel resided in their land for many centuries before a series of devastating conquests led to yet other dispersals. The Jewish Diaspora as we know it today, stands as a sad reminder of previous days of glory. The Aliyah of the world, through the promised redemption, is said to usher in the end of this Jewish Diaspora. In its place, Jews will once again be reunited with their promised land in Israel. Indeed, recent years have proved that the dawning of this new golden age has already began as the Jewish State of Israel testifies to mankind.

  1. The African Connection In Jerusalem

    The African Connection In Jerusalem

    The African connection in Jerusalem Jerusalem awaits the return of all Jews from a long exile. Our people have been scattered across every part of the world. The establishment of the Jewish State of Israel has seen a colorful influx of Jews, bringing exciting cultural lifestyles with them. There is...

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