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@ Defense Electronics Companies – (972). 
Achidatex – (972).3.9213431Body armor and ballistic products, bulletproof vests. Dry Storage System to protect against rust and corrosion for tanks, armored personnel carriers, guns, aircraft. Pillow tanks for liquids, chemicals, fuels. Tents. Products conform to U.S. MIL-STD 662. Petah Tikva
Aeronautics Defense Systems – (972).8.9433600Aerostar Unmanned Air Vehicle System (UAV). Orbiter for over the hill reconnaissance missions with camera guided flight. SeaStar unmanned surface vehicle for harbor and strategic facility protection, command from maritime platform or ground station. Yavne
Defense Industries International – (972).8.6891611Manufacturer of personal military and civilian protective equipment and supplies. Products designed for military, law enforcement, border patrol enforcement, security forces around the world. Ashkelon
DefenSoft – (972).4.9090700Lighthouse software for planning defense and security systems, used in borders, coastlines, military bases, airports, seaports, etc. Combines mapping and GIS data management, device simulation, CAD solutions and mission planning tools. Yokneam
dsIT Technologies – (972).3.5313333Naval sonar and acoustics-related projects for foreign navies. Harbor Surveillance System, Diver Detection Sonar, Mobile Acoustic Range, Generic Sonar Simulator, Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis system (UASA). Givat Shmuel
Export Erez – (972).8.6891611Manufacturer of protective equipment and personal military supplies for the Israel army, police, security forces, and other international armies. Military gear and camping equipment, sleeping bags, flight jackets, tents and other IDF equipment. Sderot
International Security Academy – (972).9.9500969Tactical and counter-terrorism training centers and courses delivered by Israeli security and anti-terrorism experts. International training networks for protection officer, VIP protection operative and team leader. Herzliya
Israel Military Industries – (972).3.5485617Aircraft equipment, pylons, fuel tanks, chaff and flare dispensing systems, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), airborne electronic control units for aircraft-launched missiles. Handgun and rifle ammunition. Tel Aviv
LVT High Tech Fire Protection – (972).4.690.5020Development and manufacture of fire protection and suppression systems for the military, industrial and commercial sectors. Fire extinguishers and accessories. Water mist fire suppression technology. Lehavot HaBashan
Milper – (972).73.2311000Design and manufacture of ruggedized equipment for use under severe environment, using commercial electronic products, such as computers and peripherals (disks, printers, modems). Qualified to ISO 9001 and designed according to Military standards. Petah Tikva
Mofet Etzion – (972).2.9935326LIBA Armor, protection from IED (improvised explosive devices) and land mines; used in Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) of Marine Corps, Pandur. Personal body armor panels. Soft and hard body armor vests based on ceramic materials. Kfar Etzion
Reshef Technologies – (972).Developer and manufacturer of artillery, mortar, tank and rocket fuzes. Electronic time mortar fuze. Manufactured in accordance with military standards (MIL-STD). Or Yehuda
Sibat – (972).3.6977207Israel Defense Forces (IDF) surplus systems and equipment. Air Systems: Aircraft, engines, spare parts, armament and ammunition, anti-aircraft weapons. Submarines, helicopter carrier missile boats, naval guns. Tanks, artillery cannons, armored vehicles. Tel Aviv
Soltam Systems – (972).4.9896282Artillery systems with fire control computer, muzzle velocity radar (MVR), inertial navigation and target acquisition. 155mm guns, howitzer with standard NATO ammunition. Upgrading artillery for customers including Russian made 130mm M46, 152mm M85. Yokneam

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