Chanukah Event A Great Success

Last Sunday saw the introduction of an event based on a new media platform. The Chanukah Revival show was produced by Israel Vibes, a joint venture between Aliyah Magazine & Aliyah Fever, and hosted on Israel National Radio.

Despite obvious technical challenges, the event proceeded as planned. Guests included the renowned archaeologist  Dr. Ian Stern and Rocky Zeigler, a popular musician. The show was augmented through appearances from Dr. Sam, and Walter Bingham of Arutz Sheva, amongst other notable talented presenters.

There were many spectacular moments when confusion over using such a new high tech platform lead to unexpected comedy. However, it is a tribute to the excellent presentation skills of co-hosts Avraham Venismach and Rav Micheal, that the show managed to be keep on track. After all, the purpose of the event was to share a Chanukah party…and that is exactly what hundreds of satisfied viewers got!

Watch out for more ‘vibes’ to follow.

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