1. Israel & Judaica

    Israel & Judaica

    Company – Telephone Products, Fields of specialty City Albatross Photography  – (972).9.9540066Skyline photography series of books on Israel, Jerusalem, Golan, Desert, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Archaeology subjects. Herzliya Ayash Judaica Jewelry  – (972).2.9709061Traditional jewelry. Rings. Necklaces. Judaica. Embroidery. Yitzhar Backlite Keyboard  – (972).52.5080220Fluorescent stickers for computer keyboards with Hebrew and...

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  2. Earth Science

    Earth Science

    Company – Telephone Products, Fields of specialty City @ Agricultural technology  – (972).Directory of companies that specialize in air conditioning systems for agricultural uses. @ Remote tracking  – (972).Directory of telecommunication companies. Amiad Filtration Systems  – (972).4.6909500Water filtration equipment. Plastic and steel self-cleaning automatic filters. Media filtration systems including sand,...

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  3. Defense Industry

    Defense Industry

    Company – Telephone Products City @ Defense Electronics Companies – (972).  Achidatex – (972).3.9213431Body armor and ballistic products, bulletproof vests. Dry Storage System to protect against rust and corrosion for tanks, armored personnel carriers, guns, aircraft. Pillow tanks for liquids, chemicals, fuels. Tents. Products conform to U.S. MIL-STD 662. Petah Tikva Aeronautics...

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  4. Chemical


    Company – Telephone Products, Fields of specialty City @ Agrochemical companies  – (972).Directory of companies that manufacture chemicals for agricultural uses. Ahava  – (972).3.5571111Facial care, body care and hair care cosmetics developed at Dead Sea Laboratories. Products include cleansing cream, body lotion, hand cream, shower gel, mud soap, bath salts,...

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  5. Banking Institutes

    Banking Institutes

    Code Bank Phone SWIFT (BIC) code* 12 Bank Hapoalim 03.5673333 POALILITXXX 10 Bank Leumi LeIsrael 03.5148111 LUMIILITXXX 46 Bank Massad 03.5641333 MASBILI1XXX 00 Bank of Israel 02.6552211 ISRAILIJXXX 54 Bank of Jerusalem 02.6706211 JERSILITXXX 14 Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal 1.700.500.200 OTSHILITXXX 52 Bank Poaley Agudat Israel 1.700.700052 PAGIILITXXX 04 Bank Yahav...

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  6. Biotechnology


    Company – Telephone Products, Fields of specialty City @AgricultureDirectory  – (972).Directory of agriculture companies. @ElectronicsDirectory  – (972).Directory of companies that manufacture medical devices and systems. 2P2D Solutions  – (972).52.6545558CLINICAID telemedicine system dispenses personalized drug dosages designated for each specific patient and provides real-time monitoring of clinical trial participants. SlimPack for pharmaceutical...

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  7. Agriculture


    Company – Telephone – Products City @ Growers Directory – (972).> Additional companies are listed in the Growers Directory. ABIC Biological Laboratories – (972).2.9906901 Manufacturer of a wide range of veterinary vaccines, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, feed additives and disinfectants. Vaccines against coccidiosis, Gumboro, Lasota, Marek’s disease, Goose Hepatitis, etc. Antiparasiticals: Carbaryl, Piperazine. Beit Shemesh...

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