1. AM Joins The Revival Project

    AM Joins The Revival Project

    Israel is celebrating its 75th Diamond Jubilee. AM is now a member of Israel Diamond Jubilee Association, and will be updating our audience on exciting plans for events and activities related to this anniversary.  The Revival Theme is about strengthening bonds between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora. Of course,...

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  2. AM Salutes Trump

    AM Salutes Trump

    It was with pride that Jews loyal to the State of Israel witnessed the momentous event of President Trump of the United States of America announcing recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. cimex hemipterus ivermectin One prays that this brave action will ultimately lead to the world acknowledging...

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  3. Bringing The World Together

    Bringing The World Together

    Creating a Society of Menschen While Aliyah concerning Jews moving to Israel is a major focus of Aliyah Magazine, the actual word itself has its own high calling. Our favorite interpretation of the word Aliyah is to raise one’s awareness. After all, Aliyah means ‘going up’ and that act undertaken...

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  4. Fragrant Revival

    Fragrant Revival

    New Initiative – Support the Israeli Economy Members of the global Jewish Community can now enjoy an exclusive opportunity to purchase Israel’s top cosmetic brands this season. Purchasing cosmetic brands made exclusively in Israel will allow you to appreciate cosmetic products that are enriched with natural ingredients such as healing herbs,...

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  5. Enter Wonderland

    Enter Wonderland

    If you are ready to make Aliyah, or even just thinking about it, then it is time to step out of the tourist Israel you think you know and step into Wonderland. Through an amazing new ebook all about Israel, you will discover all the things you never knew about...

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  6. Aliyah Gateway

    Aliyah Gateway

    By Ruvy Kossover “If you are like many coming home to Israel, making aliyah, you are doing the same thing we did when we came to live in Israel – coming without firm prospects to live.  If you were moving anywhere else on the planet, I’d say that this was very unwise.  But,...

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  7. Egyptian Ruler of Exodus Discovery

    Egyptian Ruler of Exodus Discovery

    The nobleman Knumhotep. Could this be the face of the actual Egyptian ruler who gave the Children of Israel such a hard time? If so, other pieces of a multi dimensional Biblical puzzle could soon fall into place.’ I recently had the great pleasure to meet up with the distinguished...

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