1. Mystical Safed Women

    Mystical Safed Women

     By Yael Levine Katz In addition to the numerous great scholars and mystics associated with Safed, sources testify to some extraordinary female personalities who lived there. Here is a brief sketch of three of them.Francesa Sarah…is the only woman known to have possessed a maggidto foretell the future… The case of Francesa Sarah is unique...

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  2. Kabbalah Defined

    Kabbalah Defined

    By Tzvi Freeman That which is received. That which cannot be known through science or intellectual pursuit alone. An inner knowledge that has been passed down from sage to student from the earliest of times. A discipline that awakens awareness of the essence of things. We enter this world and...

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  3. A Tzaddiks Repentance

    A Tzaddiks Repentance

    More than 1000 years ago lived a great and holy leader and teacher called Rabbi Saadia Gaon (892?-942). The Gaon (as the leading Sages of Babylonia Jewry were titled at the time) had many hundreds of pupils and all of them had a great thirst to learn. Even a casual movement or...

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