1. Assad admits mistakes

    Assad admits mistakes

    Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has admitted that he has made “mistakes” but is refusing to talk to the rebels fighting to oust him and continues to describe them as “terrorists.” Assad spoke to the German weekly Der Spiegel. Excerpts of the interview, which will appear in the Monday issue of the...

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  2. International effort to dismantle Syrian WMD

    International effort to dismantle Syrian WMD

    Both US and Russian officials have approached Norway with verbal requests for help in dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons, Norwegian public broadcaster NRK reported on its website. Both countries consider Norway a suitable location for the dangerous work, as it is politically stable and has large amounts of water, which is needed for the task, according to NRK....

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  3. Million Palestinians Entered Israel

    Million Palestinians Entered Israel

    This year, Ramadan, which is the holiest month on the Muslim calendar, fell between 9 July – 8 August 2013. Observance of the festival includes the commandment to fast from sunrise to sunset, Friday prayers and celebrations with one’s extended family. In order to ease conditions for those Palestinian residents...

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  4. Bibi React to New Iranian President

    Bibi React to New Iranian President

    PM Netanyahu to US delegation (7 Aug 2013): “I know that some place their hopes on Iran’s new president. He knows how to exploit this and yesterday he called for more talks. Of course he wants more talks. He wants to talk and talk and talk. And while everybody is...

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  5. Bibi Meets French FM

    Bibi Meets French FM

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Sunday afternoon (25 August 2013) with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and said at the start of the meeting: “I know that France shares our interest in the ongoing events in Syria that are tragic. I think what is going on there is a...

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  6. Israel Confirms Syrian Chemical Warfare

    Israel Confirms Syrian Chemical Warfare

    Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon met Sunday with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Jerusalem, and in his statements, indirectly confirmed that Israel has no doubt that Bashar al-Assad’s forces are behind the use of chemical weapons against civilians last week. In the course of the meeting, Yaalon said, “There are many events taking...

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  7. Israel Navy Boosted

    Israel Navy Boosted

    The IDF plans to purchase a “Super Dvora Mk III” warship which will be stationed off the coast of Israel’s northern border, near Lebanon, the IDF websitereports. The ship, a fast patrol boat, has until now been used off the coast of Gaza, while the IDF has used only the...

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  8. Russia Warns US On Syria

    Russia Warns US On Syria

    Russia warned the United States on Sunday not to repeat in Syria its past mistakes in Iraq, and warned Washington not to breach international law, Russia Today (RT) reports. Russia warned that the alleged chemical attack in Damascus last week, which rebels claimed killed more than 1,000 people, could have been a...

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  9. British Embassy Threat Remains

    British Embassy Threat Remains

    The closure of the British embassy in Yemen’s capital Sanaa has been extended until the end of the Muslim festival of Eid, the Foreign Office says. The mission had been set to reopen on Tuesday after a two-day shutdown over fears of a terrorist attack. But the FCO said “continuing...

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  10. “Radicalizing” the Muslim Brotherhood

    “Radicalizing” the Muslim Brotherhood

    By Shoshana Bryen Following another night of violence in Cairo during which 72 people were killed, The New York Times accused the military led government of Abdul Fattah al Sisi of “radicalizing” the Muslim Brotherhood. “For all its stated commitment to democracy and nonviolence, the Brotherhood’s only reliable partners now...

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