Business Start Up In Israel – Internet Enterprise

Aliyah Magazine helps new olim to get started in their new life in Israel. Livelihood is an essential ingredient towards a successful relocation.

In this coming series, which will be archived, AM examines different aspects of gaining a foundation in livelihood needs based on three general areas – a) Self-employed b) Employment , and c) Supported income.

Business Start Up In Israel is our first port of call. We shall first explore the prospect of establishing a new Internet Enterprise. There are 3 main areas to focus upon for successfully establishing an Internet enterprise, after finding a good host, from where your site will be exposed to viewers.

Domain Name

First you will need to register your business name. There are many good companies out there providing such a service. Possible the best known is Go Daddy, but some hosts (see below) also include a free domain registration among their hosting services.


Think of a host a little like a super mall providing space for individual shops. They provide the space from which your site can be promoted to passing visitors. There are literally hundreds of host companies to chose from. AM uses HostM. They have proved themselves capable of providing an excellent service, which includes fast customer support. ivermectin enema for worms in humans However, we advice you to find a host that matches your own needs.


You will need to find content that fits your product or service. It is possible to buy articles, although AM aside from the news, AM prefers producing our own content. ivermectin forum Depending upon your budget, it is also possible to get free articles from sites like the Articles Factory


You will want to ensure that your site gets visitors, or all your hard work will be for nought! Social media networks is an excellent place to begin, while you gradually build up your own following. It is also possible to buy targeted traffic at such sites as Max Visits. Once again, explore what works best for you.


Once you have interesting content and a steady stream of appropriate visitors, there for your site content. you may wish to consider monetizing your site through carrying direct advertising, or using affiliated links.

We will expand these themes in the coming months ahead. ivermectin for covid 19 clinical trials

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