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Our Aliyah community stretches across the great divide of the Diaspora, in which we are all trapped to some extent, as long as we are a separated people. It also extends across religious and political frontiers, as we welcome into the fold everyone who’s interest is focused on strengthening the Jewish State of Israel. Therefore, we also welcome our many non-Jewish friends to stand beside us.

This leads us to questioning the actual meaning of the word ‘Aliyah’? One definition is to ‘raise oneself to a higher plateau’, indeed this can often be a shared initiative. One recalls biblical verses that alludes to the nations of the world lifting their Jewish friends aloft, and guiding them to the Jewish Homeland. This leads us to the key point, as we reflect on the common interpretation of ‘Aliyah’ being the return of the individual Jew to the Land of Israel. Therefore each valued member of our diverse Aliyah community can participate and share in this exciting venture!

So let’s focus on the prime objective of this mission, to guide Jews home.

Aliyah Magazine echoes the unique voice of the Aliyah community, with its broad range of interesting media content. However, our mission truly begins when we embark upon the most spectacular adventure any Jew can hope to make…the homeward journey.

The next stage is to explore the Stage 1 Pre-Aliyah section, so onwards!


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