1. Finding Accomodation Before You Land

    Finding Accomodation Before You Land

    Before arriving in Israel you need a place to land and preferably at least a semi-permanent address. But the question that often begs asking is, “how do I find an apartment or house while living all the way over  here?!” Essentially there are 4 answers to this question. In this...

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  2. Aliyah Time

    Aliyah Time

    Aliyah Time is a new radio show on Israel National Radio, which features senior Aliyah Magazine staff. We encourage our viewers to check out this great show that runs at 7 pm Israel time every Wednesday. The show has many excellent guests and covers important subjects related to moving to...

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  3. Return of Chamberlain

    Return of Chamberlain

    Aliyah Magazine raises the thorny topic of whether history is repeating itself. This week we commemorate  the outbreak of WW2 in which the Jewish Diaspora, rather than being a safe haven proved to be a slaughter ground for our people. Many question Western policy towards Iranian’s nuclear intentions and their...

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  4. AM Salutes Trump

    AM Salutes Trump

    It was with pride that Jews loyal to the State of Israel witnessed the momentous event of President Trump of the United States of America announcing recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. One prays that this brave action will ultimately lead to the world acknowledging the real potential...

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  5. Beit Israel is more than a Jerusalem Neighborhood

    Beit Israel is more than a Jerusalem Neighborhood

    We invite you to explore with us Beit Israel in Jerusalem. Aside from the ultra orthodox mix of this thriving neighborhood, the name Beit Israel also relates to another colorful blend of local Jerusalem society, in this instance catering for a young audience. Located in Jerusalem; highly diverse group that...

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  6. Aliyah funding

    Aliyah funding

    Amid the rise of anti-Semitism, Israel decides to allocate NIS 100 million to aid new immigrants, especially from Ukraine. Itamar Eichner In face of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe, the government and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption launched an emergency plan aimed at encouraging European Jews, especially from...

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