1. Teens' Invention

    Teens' Invention

    By Rivka Borochov Six Israeli teenagers won a $5,000 prize at an international competition at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last summer (2012) for their FreezeStick invention designed to keep food and medicine in a cooler at the right temperature for an extended period. The Israelis beat out 250 other...

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  2. Aliyah Fever – Israel's Hot Job Market

    Aliyah Fever – Israel's Hot Job Market

    Aliyah Magazine is proud to have such wonderful friends and associates to work with, all focused on bringing Jews home to Israel. Aliyah Fever and its host Israel National News have a special place in our Aliyah Community, we hope you enjoy their excellent shows brought to you right here...

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  3. Woman's Museum For Israel

    Woman's Museum For Israel

    By Avigayil KadeshIf you haven’t heard of Hannah Maisel, Rivka Ziv and Rachel Yanait Ben-Zvi, you’ll have a chance to learn all about these Israeli pioneers in about two years’ time.Yael Nitzan estimates it will take about that long to turn an empty 200-year-old sheikh’s palace in Haifa into the...

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  4. Where's My Home?

    Where's My Home?

    Written by Ramona Hirshfield Hello everybody I want to share a story with you about finding the place called home. My story is probably your story too. My name is Ramona Hirschfield, I am a South African citizen born in Romania. Ever since I was little I had a problem with a...

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  5. Aliyah Bet's Illegal Ships

    At the conclusion of World War II, most Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust could not remain in Europe with its terrible memories; many opted to build a new life in the Jewish homeland. The British escalated their restrictions on Jewish immigration and settlement in Palestine. The Yishuv (the Jewish...

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  6. Israel Households & Families

    A household is defined as one person or a group of persons living together in one dwelling on a permanent basis most of the week, who have a common expense budget for food. A household may include persons who are not a family. A family is defined as two persons...

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  7. Israeli tomato based dye replaces crushed bugs in starbucks' pink drinks

    Tomat-O-Red colors foods that appetizing pink color and even offers health benefits. Like eating Shakshouka every day? Starbucks made waves with their eco-move away from artificial red coloring to a natural, sustainable dye. It was right there on their labels: carmine. Then a tip from an anonymous Starbucks employee to a vegan website alerted...

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  8. Jerusalem Neighborhoods Pt. 2 Beit Ya'akov

    Beit Ya’akov (Hebrew: בית יעקב) is a small neighborhood in Jerusalem, founded in 1877, the ninth Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of the Old City. The neighborhood borders Jaffa Road and Avishar Road. The Mahane Yehuda Market is located there today. Beit Ya’akov was the last neighborhood in Jerusalem founded before the First Aliyah. This transition between the Old...

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  9. An Israeli Invention – Universe's Algae To Biofuel Your Car

    GreenFuel, a US algae-to-biofuel business founded by Israeli Isaac Berzin more than 10 years ago, most likely failed because it was a bit ahead of the zeitgeist. Hoping to reach the market when the product and timing is right, the young Israeli company Univerve plans to turn algae — the green slimy microorganisms you...

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  10. 'I felt like a Jew in Nazi Germany': SOAS Israel supporter

    'I felt like a Jew in Nazi Germany': SOAS Israel supporter

    ‘I felt like a Jew in Nazi Germany’: SOAS Israel supporter By Jennifer Lipman The incident happened at an Israel Apartheid Event at the School of Oriental and African Studies Members of the Israeli education organisation Stand With Us have said they felt “shaken and distressed” and like victims of...

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