1. Thanking IDF

    Thanking IDF

    The pizza project was founded back in 2002 by Menachem Kuchar. during Israel’s Operation Defensive Shield, to rid our area of terrorists following the bombing of the Park Hotel in Netanya and the murder of thirty people, including many Holocaust survivors, sitting down to their Pesach Seder. This followed a number...

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  2. True Inspiration

    True Inspiration

    “True Inspiration from WIZO” as Tova leads a major international Zionist organization. Tova Ben Dov, World President of Wizo, shared a fascinating past with us, in a recent interview with Olga Israel. Olga is past president of the European Union Jewish Students’ Association, and head of Current Affairs with Jewish TV...

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  3. Bringing The World Together

    Bringing The World Together

    Creating a Society of Menschen While Aliyah concerning Jews moving to Israel is a major focus of Aliyah Magazine, the actual word itself has its own high calling. Our favorite interpretation of the word Aliyah is to raise one’s awareness. After all, Aliyah means ‘going up’ and that act undertaken...

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  4. Fragrant Revival

    Fragrant Revival

    New Initiative – Support the Israeli Economy Members of the global Jewish Community can now enjoy an exclusive opportunity to purchase Israel’s top cosmetic brands this season. Purchasing cosmetic brands made exclusively in Israel will allow you to appreciate cosmetic products that are enriched with natural ingredients such as healing herbs,...

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  5. Jews Returning

    Jews Returning

    In the past month, Israel has been privileged to welcome 2,000 olim home to Israel. How fortunate we are to have this great strength added to our people as we pull together in these challenging times.  Aliyah Magazine welcomes our new olim with open arms and applauds them for their...

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  6. Independence Day

    Independence Day

    As another Israeli Day of Independence has been celebrated, the all too familiar chants (not to say rants) about Israel’s need to be strong and self-reliant fill the media. Perhaps the chanters know something most of us do not; otherwise, how can you explain their insistence that independence is possible?...

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  7. Don't Forget Your Hebrew When Planning Aliyah

    Don't Forget Your Hebrew When Planning Aliyah

    Whether you went to Jewish Day School or have never spoken even a single word of Hebrew beyond Pesach Seder, you will find that having some modern Hebrew before you arrive in Israel can help make your aliyah process quite a bit smoother. There are many government offices that you...

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