An Enchanting Home in the Old City

Aliyah Magazine takes you behind the scenes to explore a wonderful enchanting apartment situated in the heart of the Old City’s  Jewish Quarter.

The entrance is through a quiet alleyway, lined with colorful plants. A few short steps takes one inside a flat and spacious one level apartment. Quaint shutters opens up to exquisite views from almost every room. However, a few further flights above leads to a large roof balcony, which offers a stunning panorama of the surrounding Old City, including the beautiful Mount of Olives!

This apartment’s interior displays an old worldly charm with unexpected recesses, curious shelves, and other interesting features that makes one want to explore further inside. The current occupant comes from a long line of Jerusalemites, and has maintained the apartment in pristine condition in accordance with her strong family tradition. For a discerning buyer, this apartment therefore offers tremendous scope for further improvements.

This Old City Home is situated next to the famous Hurva Synagogue, itself overlooking the most popular square in the Jewish Quarter, and only minutes away from the Kotel. To say this unique home offers superb potential would be an understatement, however the proverbial saying that a picture paints a thousand words is probably more apt, which means one needs to see this magnificent property to fully appreciate its full worth!

For serious enquiries please contact Ben c/-

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