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The Israeli export market has often been described as being more than creative. However, this latest project goes far beyond anything experienced to date.

 Like most countries, Israel is not alone in having abandoned or homeless pets struggling for survival. In the face of winter being just around the corner, the plight of these neglected creatures is obviously heightened.

Just for the record, many Israelis are kind and compassionate human beings, and the sight of animals being fed in the street by some kind soul is quite commonplace. However, that doesn’t prevent a bleak future for such wonderful potential pets.        

 The Israeli pet travel agency Terminal4Pets is promoting a new project that will eventually help hundreds of abandoned pets from Israel find loving owners from Jewish communities worldwide.  

There are several non-profit organizations in Israel that are devoted to animals, with the main objective to find a loving suitable home for each and every pet. Unfortunately, there are not enough people that are able and willing to adopt pets from shelters.

This is why Dr. Eytan Kreiner, CEO at Terminal4Pets, feels that he needs to step up and face the challenge of coordinating massive pet shipments at a global level.

Dr Eytan told Aliyah Magazine. “The Israeli Pet Adoption Project will provide hundreds of pet lovers from all over the world a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to adopt a pet from Israel. Terminal4Pets’ flight managers had assisted individual families that wished to adopt pets from Israel in the past and now we are ready to perform a highly organized operation that will include massive pet shipments from Israel abroad.”

It is considered that this operation will be much more budget-friendly, as the massive shipment allows them to demand special prices and benefits from airlines, ground handlers, boarding facilities and every other operator involved in the international pet shipment process.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner continued. “I would like to call on all pet lovers to take part in this initiative. This is a remarkable opportunity to do something positive and welcome a new best friend into the family.”

The Israeli Pet Adoption Project is coordinated, executed and supervised by a team of flight veterinarians and pet-flight managers with more than two decades of experience in global pet travel. Dr. Eytan confirmed their commitment to this unique project. “We are here to handle every aspect involved in the pet shipment process. That includes documentation, airline tickets, ground transportation to and from the airport, kenneling, overnight boarding abroad, veterinarian support such as vaccination, microchip and much more.”

While Aliyah Magazine sincerely hopes that contact will be made by pet lovers seeking to bring animals into Israel, this wonderful project deserves to be a success. Maybe you know of an elderly or sick person that could benefit from the presence of such a precious creature? Maybe even yourself? They say that even the air in Israel makes people wise, so don’t be surprised if you adopt a pet with a high IQ!  

Members of the Jewish communities abroad are welcome to contact them via the toll free number in the USA: 1866-pet-2-fly or their international number: 972-8-9264554, or make contact by email at:  

Visit their website:

Note: The Israeli Pet Adoption Project is geared to assist groups of at least 20 families, or several families, wishing to adopt a minimum of 20 pets at a time.

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