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Moving to Israel is now made easier! AM Help Line is available to provide 100% free assistance to help you get started on your Aliyah Process. There has never been a better time for making Aliyah. Please contact us direct for a fast response, we endeavor to answer your question or point you in the right direction, within a 24 hour time frame on a normal working day.

The AM Help Line is run by volunteers, and is entirely confidential. الدفع عن طريق ابل باي It has no connection with any governmental or associated organization related to the Aliyah Process. However on occasion,  we may suggest direct contact with such an organization based on the nature of the individual query. In which case, we will provide appropriate contact details together with any suggested mode of approach, questions to raise etc.

How to contact us?

Live Chat: Your AM connection can be made with immediate response through our Chat Line. Simply, look at the AM Live Chat feature on the tool bar at the bottom of each page. Connection is fast and easy. Once Live Chat is opened, the Guest connection is available for those without Facebook accounts. In the event of not getting through on our Chat Line, use our Contact feature. (See below for details)

Contact: For a fast response simply connect through our Contact feature. We require your name, email address, and a contact phone number. لعبه الذئاب In the subject window place the main nature of your question e.g. eligibility, converts, felony, general etc.  In the message section simply provide as much relevant information as possible that is related to the subject. الباير

Should you require to talk with an AM team member, please provide us with the best contact times.

Aliyah Magazine welcomes your enquiry and look forward to the opportunity of being of assistance.

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