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 2014 Mega Event Presentation Video
 Make Aliyah Today: NBN August 2013 Highlights
 NBN July 2013 Highlights
 NBN Energy
 Take your part in history
 Aliyah: Live the Dream – Israel – My Soul
 NBN: Follow Me to Israel
 Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky- Excerpt, Tisha B’Av 2013
 MK Dov Lipman Speaking at Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah Ceremony
 Israel: Come Back … Come Back Home
 Promised Land (The Aliyah Song)
 Soldier Aliyah Program – English – Nefesh B’Nefesh
 Welcome to Israel
 NBN: Building a Stronger Israel One Oleh at a Time
 This Is My Israel
 Chinese Jews from Kaifeng arrive in Israel 2009
 Eight Days- NBN Chanuka Music Video (Chanukah 5771)
 Nefesh B’Nefesh Hanukkah Flash Mob (Jerusalem 5770)
 Making Aliyah (London to Israel)
 You Have Reached Your Destination (London to Israel)
 J&M Make Aliyah (London to Israel)
 The Schwell Family Journey Home
 INR Director Accompanies New Olim To Israel
 From France To Israel – An Anthem for Aliyah
 Aliyah – 1 Year
 Rabbi Lazer Brody – Come on Home
 Free Your Mind (Matrix parody)
 To Live In Israel The Promised Land
 Aliya Mosaic part 1 (lighthearted sharing of aliya experiences)
 Aliya Mosaic part 2 (with British comedian Grant Crankshaw)
 Aliyah and Engagement of Olim
 NBN 5769 in Review – Shana Tova
 Nefesh B’Nefesh singles flight (Dec 30, 2009)
 Arrival of Nefesh B’Nefesh Flight, Dec 30, 2009
 Aliyah Down the Line
 Hello! Welcome Back Home, Israel !
 Why I Moved to Israel and Joined the Israel Defense Forces
 Aliyah Tekes
 How do you say soldier in Hebrew?
 Aliyah: Home Is Where the Heart Is
 Story of an Olah (in Hebrew)
 Meet the Olim – Nefesh B’Nefesh July 12 Flight, Summer 2012
 Joy of Aliyah #2 – The Announcement Episode
 Nefesh B’Nefesh: 10 Years, 30,000 Olim and Counting!
 10 Years Later, Nefesh B’Nefesh Founders
 Joy of Aliyah #4 – The US Lift Episode
 Destination: Zion Trailer
 NBN Bring More Olim to Israel
 Joy of Aliyah #7 – Last 24 hrs/The Flight Episode
 Joy of Aliyah #8 – Welcome to Israel Episode
 Joy of Aliyah #10 – The Finale – Living the Dream
 Lech Lecha – Does that Mean Me?
 Cellcom Commercial – Aliyah Reunion
 Aliyah (The Maccabeats)
 Nefesh B’Nefesh & FIDF Lone Soldiers Program
 History of Israel Videos
 Additional Videos about Israel


Articles about Aliyah to Israel
 A different answer to “Are we there yet?” (7/2013)
 What attracts young Jewish people to Israel
and why it is important ? (2/2013)
 Orthodox Jews and the Aliya Crisis (3/2013)
 100-year-old man among 2012’s olim (12/2012)
 Bnei Menashe in Israel: ‘It’s a dream’ (12/2012)
 Homeward bound: Why I’m making aliya (8/2012)
 Aliyah Now A ‘Career Move’ (9/2011)
 Oakland family of six pulling up roots to plant in Israel (5/2011)
 How can Jews be ‘Orthodox’ without living in Israel (4/2011)
 ‘Dr. Aliyah’ and the Rabbi Practice What They Preach (7/2010)
 Family moves to Israel 2010: the new aliyah (7/2010)
 Hundreds from North America move to Israel (7/2010)
 Dreams Confront Reality On Pilot Israel Campus Trip (6/2010)
 More and More Bay Area Jews Moving to Israel (6/2010)
 History Won’t Wait For You (1/2010)
 There’s no place like home (4/2010)
 In Their Merit (9/2009)
 Does God Care Where We Live? (6/2009)
 California, here I come – back to my home in Israel (8/2008)
 Three Houston families to make August aliyah (8/2008)
 Spying Out The Land (6/2008)
 They can go home again! (5/2008)
 Another Ultimate Commuter (4/2008)
 Moving to Israel (10/2007)
 Aliyah Summer (8/2007)
 Why We Chose to Make Aliyah (7/2007)
 Great Grandma makes Aliyah (3/2007)
 The Aliyah Connection (9/2006)
 The Real Reasons for Making Aliya (10/2005)
 5765 Posts Rise in Aliyah (10/2005)
 Goodbye, America – hello, Israel (8/2005)
 Two sisters in their 90s make aliyah (12/2004)
 An oleh reflects on his year in Israel (7/2004)
 Yom Haatzmaut Reflections (4/2004)
 Purim, an Aliya Story (3/2004)
 So You Want to Move to Israel? (2/2004)
 Havard Professor Making Aliyah (12/2003)
 A Lech Lecha Parable (10/2003)
 From Paris to Jerusalem (01/2003)
 Pushing Aliyah (12/2002)
 Mom, I’m Moving To Israel
 Free To Be and To Do (post retirement in Israel)
 To Be an Israeli
 Aliya is a four-letter word (02/2002)
 Ohr Somayach: Love of the Land (Link)
 The Zionist Spark – Hadassah Magazine Article
 The Whys of Aliyah (11/2001)
 What happened to religious aliyah? (11/2001)
 Still the Best Place for Jewish People (07/2001)
 The Pioneer Spirit (06/2001)
 Why not to make Aliyah (06/2001)
 American Jews still move to Israel during Mideast crisis
 South Floridians are still moving to Israel (05/2001)
 Still Crazy – Why We Made Aliyah (Aish)
 Baltimore Families Are Still Making Aliyah (05/00)
 New-Wave, New Olim by Jessica Steinberg (04/00)
 Reasons from the Aliyah Mailing list (Tachlis, 10/99)
 Torah Tidbits #465 – by Phil Chernofsky
 Torah Tidbits #424 – by Phil Chernofsky
 Torah Tidbits #394 – by Phil Chernofsky
 Embracing a Dream: The Exodus to Israel (03/98)
 My Fellow Lunatics – by Stuart Schoffman (04/94)
Personal Aliyah Stories
 Moving to Israel by Julie Mendelsohn (8/2011)
 The Sussmans b’Aretz – Sentimental at 5 (7/2009)
 Matt / îùä Made Aliyah – What was going through my head (7/2009)
 Elan Miller – So this is it! (6/2009)
 David De Zwirek – Why I Moved to Israel (6/2009)
 Shmuel Katz – Spying Out The Land Again (6/2009)
 Shmuel Katz – Spying out the Land (6/2008)
 Cegal Ilan
 Steve M. Solomon
 Lenny Solomon
 Adam Halley
 Shalva del Castillo
 Leiah Elbaum
 Jonathan Levin
 Judy Lash Balint
 Shmuel Carit (74 kb)
Jacob Richman’s Aliyah Articles
 Jacob Richman – 25 Years in Israel (8/2009)
 Israel’s 50th Anniversary – by Jacob Richman (04/1998)
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