Aliyah Story – Here Comes Levi Shlomo

Levi Shlomo at OU Job Fair

Toronto in Canada is a great place, so it takes someone really special to uproot themselves and move to Israel, with all the uncertainty of living in a new land. Yet this is exactly what Levi Shlomo did!

5 years ago as a young 19 year old youth, Levi came to study in an Israeli yeshiva. Just a little while ago, on October 14th 2012. he took one step further and finished an application on his own to the Jewish Agency to become an oleh hadash – a new Israeli had been approved!

Levi had successfully finished his degree in Management & Marketing in Technology, when I had the pleasure of meeting him at the OU Job Fair in Jerusalem. I could hardly miss him, he was the first in line having waited patiently well before the doors were opened for that special event.

This enterprising young man is also a catalyst for his family concerning Aliyah. His father, a government doctor, and his mother, are both very proud of him. Although they miss him, traveling to and from Israel isn’t quite the same nowadays as in years gone by. Instead of hiring a team of huskies to traverse Alaska, en route to taking a steam ship across a treacherous ocean, a flight from Toronto Airport or Ben Gurion is a lot cheaper and quicker. Levi’s three brothers are also happy for him and more than one is considering joining him in Israel. “The domino effect is waiting to happen and G-d willing the whole family could one day be living together in the Jewish Homeland”.

Is life a bed of roses in Israel? Hardly! Levi admits that bureaucracy can be somewhat tiresome. However, his main concern is how to figure out his benefits, so it’s not all bad. Anyway, judging by the occasional strikes from governmental departments, it seems that even those running the system need a break from bureaucracy themselves!

Levi was looking forward to his ulpan program near the Old City, whereby he would be studying Hebrew in the mornings. He had it all figured out that he would keep the rest of the day free for work. So what of work opportunities?

Levi came across as a quiet but confident individual and was well received by potential employers at the OU Job Fair, meeting 5 in just one hour. He gained many meaningful interviews and could well be on his way to finding an interesting job.

On a social basis, at this stage he is more involved with other Anglo speakers than only Hebrew ones. He does get along with many Israelis and that could increase as he progresses through his ulpan program.

Levi is a solid supporter of the Aliyah Community ideal. “The benefits of people you know helping you is important.”

He related an amusing story about the Divine nature of living in Israel, and its sometimes unexpected consequences. One hot afternoon he was walking from the Bible Zoo to Malka Mall. He was tired and stopped for a moment, and found himself asking G-d for help by stopping a car. No sooner had the thought ascended, when one driver immediately stopped and asked for directions to the mall. Without hesitation Levi jumped in the car to show the driver the way. It turned out to be an Arab behind the steering wheel! Anyhow, as the driver had a small young child in the back, it is hard to determine who was the most alarmed. Levi arrived safe and sound at his destination, as did the driver.

Levi has simple plans for the future, which includes finding a wife!

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