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The first Aliyah story belonged to the father of all nations, Abraham. His exciting tale forms the key narration of the opening book of the Bible, when we hear about his journey from Ur to the land of Canaan, later to be known as Israel. Since those ancient days, millions of other descendants have followed in Abraham’s footsteps, each with their own unique account of their individual journey. Aliyah Stories provides our community with a glimpse into the personal lives of some of those brave souls that embarked on such a momentous undertaking.

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  1. A Jew's Inner Cry – Part 2

    A Jew's Inner Cry – Part 2

    Breaking Away From Hare Krishna In 1977, I went to England all the while thinking I would go back to India. The Hare Krishna’s had arranged my accommodation in the UK. I was soon to find out that there was also a Beatle’s connection in my ‘Wandering Jew’ episode! When...

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  2. The Aliyah Intersection

    The Aliyah Intersection

    I left the synagogue feeling great, there’s nothing like praying & then shmoozing with other Jews. A few of us turned left and took a path that narrowed, as it crossed over a polluted stream. Our attention was focused on a squirrel that swiftly darted up a tree. How I...

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  3. Is Money Key To Promoting Aliyah?

    Is Money Key To Promoting Aliyah?

    By: Batya Medad I made the decision to make aliyah and live in Israel as a teenager, before meeting my husband, after taking on, due to the influence of NCSY, the more “accepted” or “popular” mitzvot like Shabbat and kashrut.  I remember how I announced it to my parents. In a way...

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