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ACE – Aliyah Community Enterprises introduces new immigrants with valuable information to enhance their actual move to Israel. Aliyah Magazine recommends services with a proven track record in assisting olim, over many years. kef International is a highly reputable shipping organization that offers free consultation to members of the Aliyah Community to ensure you receive the best possible options available.

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Making Aliya is a major transition either as an individual or as a family. Uprooting oneself from a familiar environment, changing jobs, schools, not to mention the new language, all contribute to the challenge of moving to Israel.

 For many people, the most stressful part, at the time of the actual move, is sending a “lift” of their personal belongings to Israel.

 The two major decisions that Olim need to make regarding their lift are which company they choose, and what size shipment to send. The shipping company which is chosen is crucial for several reasons. The quality of the packing, the level and quality of communication throughout the process, the quality of the insurance coverage, the accuracy of the initial price quote (to avoid stressful surprises), and the company’s ability to deal with customs clearing and delivery in Israel in a smooth manner, all contribute to the Olim’s peace of mind, at what is by definition, a very stressful time.

 It is advisable to get references from former Olim, since there are many who had very positive experiences with their shipments, and unfortunately, there are also those who have horror stories to tell about their “lifts”. The second issue which must be addressed is what is worth shipping and what is worth buying in Israel. Shipping is not cheap, but neither is buying new things in Israel to set up a home. stromectol pill for humans

 The first thing to understand is that the cost of shipping fees by the size of the shipment measured in cubic feet.

 In the next article, we will go more deeply into what factors need to be considered when deciding what is worth shipping to Israel, and after that, we will offer further articles which explain the different parts of the shipping process.

 We hope these articles are of benefit to potential Olim. We look forward to your feedback, and feel free to contact our trusted shipping experts anytime with questions. where can i get ivermectin in the uk

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