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Israel contains a variety of mammals due to its geographical and climatic diversity. For many of the mammals, Israel is the border of their territory. Accordingly, introducing a new pet into the country is also making a contribution towards the wonderful wildlife that exists here, albeit with a more domesticated taint!

How many pet lovers are considering the exciting prospect of making Aliyah with their furry family members? Maybe you are one of them? It soon becomes obvious that there is a pet importation process that you need to know about. So if you are a pet owner, this article will help you prepare for the journey.

Making Aliyah is a big life changing decision that affects your pet as well as the rest of the family. The Israeli government and Jewish organizations worldwide are fully committed to promoting and supporting the Aliyah process. The main objective is to call all members of the Jewish community worldwide to come to Israel. They provide comprehensive support to every Jew considering Aliyah. However, none of these organizations provide pet Aliyah services.

 Pet owners relocate with pets on a daily bases. Some of them are grad students traveling abroad with two suitcases. Others are diplomats and members of the business community that are shipped overseas with the professional aid provided by the company. They are entitled to support and funding in respect to housing, work permits, schools, driver license and much more. But those making Aliyah face diverse challenges including finding a permanent housing solution and a job; forwarding all their belongings; and catching up on their Hebrew. They already have so much on their plate with basic things, which are thankfully covered through known Aliyah services! So what about the additional burden of something like pet relocation, which is less known about?

 Israel is a pet friendly country however, when it comes to importing pets from abroad, there are strict rules, regulations and high standards that one must obey.

Terminal4Pets is the Israeli Pet Travel Agency that was established in order to assist pet owners as they travel with their pets to and from BenGurionAirport. The company offers comprehensive holistic solutions specially geared to help you ship your pet into Israel from every country worldwide.

Their pet flight management service includes document checks, veterinary guidance, airline tickets, cargo shipments, and pet boarding facilities abroad for overnight stops. But what about the real nitty-gritty challenges one faces after arrival, when one has so much more on their plate?

This is where this company’s attractive services provide icing on top of their cake. They also look after custom clearance, airline approved kennels, and pet friendly shuttles to and from the airport! How long will it take savvy cats & dogs to apply for Jewish conversion just to make Aliyah in such a grand style?

How does Terminal4Pets help your pets to make Aliyah?

 Their Pet Flight Managers provide regulations and document checks in accordance with Israeli Minister of Agriculture requirements for import and health permits specific to each country. This is extended to individual animals and even breed.

Flight veterinarians support you as they go over your pets vaccination report and instruct your local veterinarian in regards to pre-flight checks, preventive treatments, vaccinations (mandatory and recommended), rabies blood testing, microchips, and other essential factors.

What about banned breeds or exotic animals?

As you can see, importing regularly accepted pets requires specialist documentation, handling care and support. But what about less accepted species, does the potential oleh have any viable options?

Israel refers to several breeds as dangerous and therefore they are considered banned breeds .If your dog is considered dangerous, that does not mean that you will not be able to import him. Importing a banned breed into Israel is relatively challenging and in the course of the last few years, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture has made it even more difficult. That is why many pet owners gave up their plans to come to Israel with their dog as they were considered a banned breed. For pet loving olim, leaving their dog behind is not an option. They are here to provide you with all the information you need, including documentation, legal assistance and veterinary support in order to help you import even a banned breed despite the challenges.

Some of the pets that you raise are considered by the Israeli authorities as ‘Exotic Animals’. Importing an exotic animal is not an easy process it is longer and requires professional assistants with the special forms and instructions. We are experts in importing exotic pets into Israel with more that two decades of experience.

Language Support

Language barriers are quite often an obstacle for many Olim. Their pet flight team provides you with translating services with respect to rules, forms and other requirements involved in importing pets into Israel. They will also translate every form or conversation from Hebrew to English or Russian – for your convenience.

Emotional Support Animal

Olim with special needs receive special attention as they are the only professional shippers in the entire Middle East that deal with Emotional Support Animal (A.S.A). They can help people with ‘special needs’ travel with their dog in the main cabin – right beside them – as an Emotional Support Animal or guide dog. Their unique service also extends to providing documents needed to define a dog as A.S.A. They negotiate on their clients’ behalf with airlines, airport authorities, doctors, social workers, psychiatrist and or any other expert, in order to guarantee that they get the physical and emotional support they need.

A special service for special people   

Aliyah Magazine is adamant that every oleh is a special person and deserving of the best service available. Terminal4Pets have impressed the Aliyah Community as being worthy of providing potential olim with a quality of assistance that leaves no excuse for leaving their pets behind!   


Contact Details:


From the USA call 1866-pet-2-fly

From the UK call 44-203-0514087


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