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“In The New Year We’ll Make Aliyah”

The Jewish community worldwide is planning Aliyah as they welcome in the New Year in the international calendar. However, this modern day exodus is not only limited to the human race? Hundreds of Jews looking forward to a new life in Israel have also recently inquired regarding Aliyah with pets, according to the Israeli Pet Travel Agency Terminal4Pets.

While the general population was out there shopping for Christmas presents, the Jewish community was celebrating Hanukkah. Apparently, they were also thinking about their real home in Israel.

Hundreds of Jewish families had used the holidays (with time of from work advantage) in order to make enquires and concrete plans to make Aliyah in 2014.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, CEO at the Israeli Pet Travel Agency, is overwhelmed by the demand for pet Aliyah services for 2014. “2014 had yet to begin and we are already engaged in helping so many families make Aliyah along with their pets. We have never seen such enormous interest in pet aliyah services in previous years.”

We were interested to know what explanations could be found. “The way I see it, there can only be two explanations…one is that there will be an increase in the overall Aliyah trend in 2014. The second is that people are more serious about taking their pets with them on their new journey. Both options are blessed!”

So, what’s ahead for those of you planning Aliyah with their best friends?

Israel is a pet friendly country. However, the efforts to prevent rabies epidemic in Israel makes it a challenge to import pets into Israel. There are specific rules and regulations for pet importation that require a professional approach. Dr. Kreiner explained more. “In order to import a pet safely and legally into Israel, there are several procedures that one needs to follow thoroughly. It might seem complicated at first, but we are here to help each and every one of you”, says Dr. Kreiner, as he refers to the unique benefits that await Olim.

If you are thinking about Aliyah – we think they can help!   

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency is prepared to provide you with a free phone consultation in which they will prepare for the journey in respect to rules and regulations to exporting your pets from point of departure, veterinarian procedures which your pet will have to undergo prior to the flight, rabies blood testing (Titer), health permits, import permits, and much more.

Also, if you are a big fan of pets and you think that when it comes to having a pet around the house – ‘the more the merrier’ – you will be happy to know that owners of multiple pets receive 50% discount after the first pet.

Once your pet finally arrives in Israel, you will be entitled to submit it to their pet boarding facility at the ‘House of Veterinary Doctors’ in Maccabim.  You will get the peace of mind to handle your other immigration affairs, while they take care of your pet, and even have a veterinarian to perform a post-flight check provide additional treatment and vaccinations FREE of charge!

So we hope to see you and your pets here in Israel next year, knowing that you can look forward to Terminal4Pets assisting you all the way.

Aliyah Magazine is adamant that every oleh is a special person and deserving of the best service available. Terminal4Pets have impressed the Aliyah Community as being worthy of providing potential olim with a quality of assistance that leaves no excuse for leaving their pets behind!   


Contact Details:


From the USA call 1866-pet-2-fly

From the UK call 44-203-0514087



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