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Aliyah Magazine…’Voice of the Aliyah Community’ is excited to introduce this first edition of      Aliyah News 


Greetings from Aliyah Magazine
Thank you for subscribing to Aliyah Magazine. As the voice of the growing Aliyah Community, we are looking forward to providing our valued subscribers with a regular newsletter… سيرجيو اغويرو Aliyah News. 
Aliyah Community                

The Aliyah Community is primarily focused on Jews making the act of settling the Jewish Homeland in Israel. Members of the Aliyah Community extends to everyone supporting this meaningful goal. العاب بطاقات  

Aliyah News
Welcome to Aliayh News 
We hope you are as excited as we are about this first  edition of our newsletter.
As we celebrate this new milestone at Aliyah Magazine, we present you with some ways to make your big milestone towards aliyah as smooth as possible. دانييل الفيس  

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