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Sunday 20 April

Greetings from Aliyah Magazine
Thank you for subscribing to Aliyah Magazine. As the voice of the growing Aliyah Community, we are looking forward to providing our valued subscribers with a regular newsletter…Aliyah News. 

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Aliyah News
Welcome to Aliayh News 
We hope you are as excited as we are about this first  edition of our newsletter.
As we celebrate this new milestone at Aliyah Magazine, we present you with some ways to make your big milestone towards aliyah as smooth as possible.      

In this newsletter…
Aliyah Information

Discover all about shipping your belongings to Israel. Get ideas about where to live, work, and education needs. Find out how one  organization is making it easier for everyone  to make a home in Israel like a garden paradise.

Aliyah for all? Read on for tips about helping your pets make aliyah too!

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What are the big four considerations?
Ship your belongings worry free

Making aliyah is a huge challenge regardless how  you look at it.

However, with some smart planning, shipping your belongings doesn’t have to be such a worry. Find out what 4 big questions you    should be asking youself when deciding how to ship your belongings to Israel.

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Insider’s View on Israeli Mortgages   Easy steps to owning a slice of paradiseWhether you are purchasing your first home or you have done this before, obtaining a mortgage can be confusing enough…especially in a foreign language. Here we present you with an insider’s perspective on how an Israeli mortgage works and what you need, in order to  own the home of your more>>


Is learning Hebrew an Aliyah obstacle?Even if you did go to Jewish Day School

Read on to discover an in-depth meaning behind the Hebrew Alphabet and how to make learning Hebrew more fun before you even arrive in Israel    

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Jerusalem online – Israeli news

Janglo – Community forums

Yesha Bulletiin – Central Israel

Bnei Akiva & Telfed – Zionist movements




Aliyah Community                

The Aliyah Community is primarily focused on Jews making the act of settling the Jewish Homeland in Israel. Members of the Aliyah Community extends to everyone supporting this meaningful goal. .


Enter Wonderland


 Aliyah Magazine in association with Ayalim invites   you to enjoy a special Aliyah Guide to help you explore the unique Wonderland of Israel

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  How Does A Garden Grow In Israel?


 Ayalim is an organization dedicated to helping  settlement in the southern region of the Negev desert as well as the nothern Galillee. Find out how this dedicated community has started helping new immigrants make a smoother transition to life in Israel, one garden at a time.


 And Other Goodies…

A shaggy dog Aliyah story                                     Don’t let this happen to you! 


 Overheard in an Israeli supermarket                        A true humorous Pesach shopping episode                                               

How a clever bride solved overseas guest problems…..

Israeli Job market review

What you need to know about education

Finding accomodation in the Jewish Homeland… 








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