Aliyah funding

Amid the rise of anti-Semitism, Israel decides to allocate NIS 100 million to aid new immigrants, especially from Ukraine.

Itamar Eichner

In face of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe, the government and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption launched an emergency plan aimed at encouraging European Jews, especially from Ukraine, to immigrate to Israel. The government allocated NIS 100 million to the plan.

After 66 years in which the issue of immigration was handled by the Jewish Agency and other bodies, the government decided to take matters into its own hands and establish an independent company to encourage aliyah. The company will not have the same restrictions applied to government-owned corporations, and it will be able to operate freely in European countries.

The company will include representatives from various national institutions (KKL-JNF, the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Organization) and will be subject to terms set forth by a joint steering committee, headed by the director-general of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.

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