Aliyah Community Awaits You

The Aliyah Community provides the perfect framework for anyone interested in seeing the Jewish presence in Israel flourishing, as in days of old. Sure, there are thousands of groups out there with  excellent connections to the Jewish State of Israel, but it is well past time to participate in a pro-active movement that is heading in a specific direction.

Aliyah is heading upwards, and even if one has their feet firmly planted in the Diaspora, but is helping to raise a Jew capable of continuing the actual journey to Israel, well they are just as much a valued part of our Aliyah  Community as the person being helped!

Accordingly, you are personally invited to become an active participant of the Aliyah Community. So, what is expected of me, for example how much does it cost to join?

By all means donate a few million dollars, but hey that’s not we’re asking! We’re simply requesting your involvement in totally practical ways, which doesn’t cost a single dime. Our goal is to build up a community that is dedicated towards encouraging Jews to move and stay in Israel. That means providing all types of support groups in the Jewish Homeland, Aliyah information of a practical nature such as where to turn when in need of a special kindergarten for Autistic kids, feedback on places worth checking out as a potential area to live in, and the list goes on. This is a task for many hands.

We fully promote and support the activities of wonderful organizations that help Jews to move to Israel. However, this is something else entirely. Aliyah Magazine represents the overall Aliyah Community, regardless of qualifying factors, and it is essential that a grassroots framework exist that goes beyond organizational boundaries.

Where to begin? You’ve already started the journey so let’s continue onwards. Visit the Aliyah Forum and post messages on it, which can be of help to other community members, that’s easy enough!

Please subscribe to us using our Contact Form – we will soon have an exciting new upgraded program schedule that will include multi media content.

Aliyah Magazine welcomes advertisers and offers unbeatable ways of exposing your business to well over 100,000 visitors, and this number is growing several thousand per day. Contact Aliyah Magazine      to let us know how we can help with your advertising needs?

Above all, tell us that you are considering moving to Israel yourself, which is the prime reason why we dedicate ourselves to this overworked and underpaid task…alright donations are also welcome!

Aliyah Magazine greatly looks forward to your participation in the Aliyah Community.  Aliyah is on the up!



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