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ABIC Biological Laboratories – (972).2.9906901 Manufacturer of a wide range of veterinary vaccines, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, feed additives and disinfectants. Vaccines against coccidiosis, Gumboro, Lasota, Marek’s disease, Goose Hepatitis, etc. Antiparasiticals: Carbaryl, Piperazine. Beit Shemesh
Achdut Ltd. Food Industries – (972).3.9068020 Manufacturer of sesame products: halva, sweets and tehina. Fruit flavored syrups. Barkan
Adoni-Medical – (972).77.9235323 Herbal medicines from Judean desert plant extracts. Herbal products for facial skin care. Makabim
Afimilk – (972).4.6754812 AfiFarm software for dairy farming and herd management. Afiact heat detection. Afifeed for optimizing concentrated feed allocation. Controlled milking systems for sheep and goat dairy farmers. Afikim
Agam Greenhouse Energy Systems – (972).9.7483851 Dehumidifier for cold-climate greenhouses. Environment-friendly, energy-saving elimination of humidity-related problems in heated greenhouses. Facilitates chemical free and organic agriculture. Ventilated Latent Heat Converter (VLHC). Hod HaSharon
Agrexco – (972).3.5630940 Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, citrus fruits, organic produce, flowers. Tel Aviv
Agriquality – (972).8.6901690Matching between worldwide market needs in the field of agriculture and horticulture and solutions based primarily on Israeli manufacturers and producers. Beer-Sheva
AgriSupport Online – (972).54.5617690 International consultancy for expert agronomic support, agricultural assessment, project planning and management. Agricultural training programs and seminars. Livestock assistance. Equipment, systems procurement. Produce packing and market distribution. Almagor
Agrolan – (972).4.6763091 Meteorological systems and measurement devices for agriculture. Moshav Nov
AgroLogic – (972).9.8626089 Climate controllers. Weighing systems for live poultry. Silo weighing system. Feedtronic feed weighing for restriction feeding and feed consumption. EC8 infra red egg counter. Tel Aviv
Agron – (972).8.9352126 Development and marketing of environmentally benign pesticides, insecticidal detergents and soaps, microbial biopesticides and botanical extracts, pheromones and traps. Products certified for use in bio-organic agriculture. Givat Brener
AIDL Watering Systems – (972).8.8523236 Plant-drip watering system for potted plants. System with special soil-moisture sensor releases water to the potted plant in response to change in soil moisture. Computerized irrigation system with Tensiometer for light soils and water-sensitive crops. Ashdod
Al-Magor Metal & Plastic Works – (972).3.5582907 Hand tools for punching holes into plastic irrigation pipelines of all sizes for insertion of drippers and sprinklers. Punches for saddle connectors. Cutter for cutting holes in layflat hose. Tool for inserting connector in pipes. Holon
Ambar Feed Mills – (972).4.6321300 Feed for poultry, turkeys, ruminants, fish, rabbits and pigeons. Protein concentrates for international markets. Vitamin and trace mineral premixes. Biosecurity feed mill for breeder feeds. Haifa
Anglebase – (972).8.9941483 Anglebase container for detached substrate cultivation in greenhouses and open fields, suitable for both vegetables and flowers. SunGreen system of growing vegetables in detached substrate in small 10 liter containers. Kfar Maimon
Aquaculture Production Technology – (972).4.8704585 Design, construction and operation of fish and shrimp farming and fisheries. Kiryat Bialik
Arava Export Growers – (972).8.6581668 Galia melons, red and yellow peppers, cluster and cherry tomatoes, seedless grapes, strawberries. Bnei Atarot
Arbel – (972).8.8 5 7 1 6 5 3 Design and manufacture of food processing machines. Dairy products production lines for milk, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream. Meat processing (sausage, pastrami etc.) and packaging equipment. Fruit juice manufacturing equipment and packaging machines.
Argos (Agri Projects) – (972).3.9192008 Design and execution of turnkey projects in agriculture and water management. Cultivation of wide-ranging agricultural crops in different climatic conditions in greenhouses, open fields, plantations, orchards etc. Implementation of agro-technologies. Tel Aviv
Arkal Filtration Systems – (972).4.6775140Water filtration systems for agricultural micro-irrigation and industrial/commercial water applications. Bet Zera
Azarad Winery – (972).Pomegranate wine produced in traditional technologies employed for grape wine.
Azrom Greenhouses – (972).8.6715992 Design and engineering of greenhouses for all crop requirements and climatic conditions. Modular structures suitable for all types of flexible and hard coverings. Ein Tzurim
Barkan Wine Cellars – (972).8.9355858 Products in two categories: Wines – Varietal wines, Generic wines, Dessert wines and Sweet Sacramental wine. Spirits – brandy, vodka, liquors, rum, gin and vermouth. Hulda
Beit-El Winery – (972).2.9971158 Cabernet Savignon and Merlot wines and grape juice. Wine is not pasteurized and has no additives, so it may be used for kiddush by those who hold by the Rambam. Beit El
Benzur Nurseries – (972).3.9712348 Plant production from tissue culture, banana, cut flowers, ornamentals or flowering pots. Tirat Yehuda
Binyamina Wine Cellars – (972).4.6388643 Wine range includes dry, sweet and semi-dry red and white wines. Red varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Tempranillo. White varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Emerald Riesling, Semillon and Muscat. Binyamina
Bio-Bee Biological Systems – (972).4.6096905 Mass production and implementation of beneficial insects and mites for agriculture. Natural pollination of greenhouse vegetables using bumblebees Bombus terrestis. Predatory mite for the control of spider mites. Sde-Eliyahu
BioDalia Microbiological Technologies – (972).4.9090909 Biological insecticides for moth and mosquito control. Bacillus thuringiensis Bti. Yeast and malolactic bacteria for the wine industry. Biodegradation of surfactant (detergent) contaminants in industrial wastewater. Bioprocess scale-up and manufacturing. Yokneam
Biofeed – (972).8.9150564 Baited flat panel suspended on trees to lure fruit flies. Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis Capitata (Medfly), Olive fruit fly Bactrocera Oleae control without toxic insecticide residue. Tested hosts: apples, nectarine, sweet cherries, pears, olives etc. Modiin
Biogal-Galed Labs – (972).4.9898605I mmunocomb antibody test kit for determining the presence of a variety of diseases in small animals. Kits to determine serum, blood, or egg yolk antibody titers against Bursal Disease, Newcastle disease, Infectious Bronchitis Virus. Galed
Biologic – (972).54.3135845 Company specializes in biological control of flies in animal and chicken farms without the use of pesticides. Alonim
Bio-Pet – (972).9.8984102 La-Cat Kitten cat food formulated to supply 100% of nutritional needs. La-Cat Hairball formula to prevent hair ball disturbances enriched with omega fatty acids. Love Dog Puppy Dog Food. Love Dog Light for adult overwight dogs. Maabarot
Biovac-Vireo Biological laboratories – (972).4.6266772 Manufacturing and development of live and inactivated vaccines for poultry and cattle. Vaccines against Newcastle disease, avian encephalomyelitis, Infectious Bursal disease, bovine rotavirus. Parasiticides. Or Akiva
Carmel Wines – (972).3.9488851 Fine table wines, sparkling wines, fortified and dessert wines, brandies and grappa, vodka, arack, liqueurs, grape juices, wine vinegars and olive oils. Vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Zinfandel grapes. Rishon LeZion
Cham Food – (972).4.6334755 Tomato powder with high levels of lycopene. Tomato powder made using GMO free tomato varieties. Banana powder. Corn powder. Lemon base powder. Red Beet juice concentrate and powder. Orange base powder. Chickpea powder for instant soups. Hadera
Cham Foods – (972).3.5410555 Egg powders and egg liquid products for the food service industry. Fruit and vegetable powders: Banana, lemon, orange, beans, chickpeas, corn, red beet, tomato. Freeze-dried fruits: blackberry, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, carrots, mushrooms. Tel Aviv
Chateau Golan Winery – (972).4.6600026 Vineyards planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Syrah, Petit Verdot, Grenach and Pinot-Noir. Moshav Eliad
Crystal Vision – (972).8.6356763 Design and manufacture of sorting machines for agricultural products and fruits such as dates, radishes and abalone to improve quality of product. Custom design of equipment for plant irrigation, fish feeding, dairy farm operations. Samar
Dagan Automation – (972).9.8987034Greenhouse equipment such as cooling pad, thermal screen, fans, LHC dehumidifier, Trellising, Foggers, heating, irrigation system, humidity sensor. Moshav Haniel
Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm – (972).3.9602525Flower grower and exporter. Main products: gypsophila, aster, solidago, limonium, chrysanthemum, new guinea impatiens, petunia, hypericum, liatris, curcuma and various types of greens. Specialty: asexual reproduction of plants. Moshav Mishmar Hashiva
Degania Sprayers – (972).4.6755890Manufacturer of sprayers for orchards, row crops, cotton fields, citrus groves, flowers. Also for sanitation purposes and cow sheds. Two Row Sleeve boom sprayer for vineyards. Degania
Deshen Gat – (972).3.6964124Low Chlorine – Liquid fertilizers for fertigation of intensive crops and orchards. Shafir – Liquid fertilizers for fertigation of greenhouses, soilless culture and intensive vegetable crops. Liquid chelated microelements – FeroGat, chelated iron, etc. Tel Aviv
Dolav Dvir-Lahav Plastic Products – (972).8.9111700Manufacture of heavy-duty large bins for agricultural uses, including fruit picking and transfer of fruits and produce from fields to packing house, mushroom culturing in bins, refrigerated storage, fish storage and transport etc. Dvir
Dorot Garlic & Herbs – (972).8.6808095Garlic, carrots, wheat and potatoes. Frozen chopped dill, basil, parsley, coriander. Ashkelon
Ein-Tal Irrigation Systems – (972).4.6101811Micro Drip gravity based irrigation system that suits modern agrotechnology methods without requiring an expensive water pressure system. Vibro water Spreader water for low volume irrigation. Turbo Sprinkler. Super Disk water filters. Or Akiva
Elgo – (972).9.8632525Irrigation sprinklers and oscillators, watering pistols, guns and wands, quick hose connectors, brass accessories. Hose reels and carts. Underground irrigation systems: Pop-up sprinklers, watering timers. Micro irrigation: micro sprinklers, drippers. Netanya
Evogene – (972).8.9311900Development of superior crops through genome remodeling. Database of DNA Regulatory Elements (DRE) / promoters from Arabidopsis genome. Current priorities: Rice, Soya and Wheat. Database and seeds of 8,000 transposon mutagenized tomato lines. Rehovot
Galcon – (972).4.6900225Manufacturer of computerized irrigation controllers. Battery operated controllers for automatic operation of water systems, municipal and landscape irrigation systems, traffic islands, football stadiums, etc. Kfar Blum
Galil Mountain Winery – (972).4.6868740Vineyards in the Upper Galilee mountains. Harvest mainly red grapes used for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Barbera and Sangiovese. White grapes for Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Yiron
Gan Shmuel Group – (972).4.6320021Citrus processing technology and packaging systems. Products include concentrated citrus juices, crystal clear concentrated juices, cloudy citrus concentrates, citrus bases, pineapple and tropical fruit blends, and tomato products. Gan Shmuel
Gavish Software and Equipment – (972).8.9443961Control systems for the agricultural market. Climate and irrigation control systems for greenhouses. Feedtrol – cattle feeding control systems. Fish farm control systems with temperature, oxygen, water level and customized functions. Givat Brener
Genesis Seeds – (972).8.9318966Organic vegetable, flower and culinary and medicinal herb seeds. Seed varieties include beet, broccoli, celery, cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, endive, fava beans, leek, okra, onion, parsley, pepper, pumpkin, radish, spinach, tomato, turnip, watermelon. Rehovot
Getzler Nurseries – (972).9.7419424Miniature dwarf ornamental citrus as pot plants for indoors and outdoors. Citrus trees for orchards. Shrubs, climbers and trees for landscape. Rooted cuttings and flowering pot plants for export. Kfar Bnei Zion
Gilad Desert Products – (972).8.6582515Growers cooperative for export. Galia melon. Capsicum in red, green, yellow and orange colors. Tomatoes on the vine. Cherry Tomatoes. Sweet Potatoes. Green Onion. Cucumber. Zucchini. Arava
Gilro – (972).2.9914351Ice-cream cones, wafer and bakery products. Rolled cones, wafers, halva wafers. Products marketed under Alma label. Beit Shemesh
Ginegar Plastic Products – (972).4.6547947Producer of cover films for agricultural greenhouses and for mulches and soil disinfection. Geomembranes for preventing seepage from reservoirs and ponds and for soil engineering. Films based on LDPE, HDPE, EVA, mLLDPE, LLDPE, PA. Ginegar
Ginosar Tissue Culture Nurseries – (972).4.6798845Vegetal material explants. In vitro banana plants and hardened banana plants. Ginosar
Golan Heights Winery – (972).4.6968420Premium varietals, proprietary blends and traditional method sparkling wines, marketed under the labels “Yarden”, “Gamla” and “Golan”. Grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Muscat. Katzrin
Granot – (972).4.6321200Central purchasing and marketing agency for the Granot Group of 41 Kibbutzim (agricultural settlements). Organically grown avocados, bananas, cotton and field crops.
Hadiklaim Date Grower’s Cooperative – (972).3.6389555Cooperative of date growers in Israel’s Jordan Valley, Beit Shean Valley and the Arava desert. Date varieties grown include Amari, Barhi, Hayani, Medjoul, Halawi, Hayani, and pitted pressed dates. Tel Aviv
Haifa Group – (972).4.8469963Fertilizers and chemicals. Multi-K – potassium nitrate products. Slow and controlled-release fertilizers. Soluble fertilizers for greenhouse-grown vegetables and flowers. Technical-grade phosphoric acid, potassium nitrate and phosphate salts. Haifa
Hazan Sprayers – (972).4.9815701Manufacturer of a wide range of garden, urban and field power pesticide sprayers from 80 to 1,200 Liters. Pumps and regulators for sprayers. Akko
Hazera Quality Seeds – (972).8.8508815Vegetable, flower and field crop seeds, agrotechnical and field services. Brurim
Hazorea Aquatics – (972).4.9899137Koi, cold water and tropical ornamental fish. BioseKoi Koi grown in Biosecure environment. Common goldfish, shubunkin, sarasa. Over 100 varieties of Waterlily and lotus. Bare root lilies (rhizomes) for immediate potting. Hazorea
Hishtil Nurseries – (972).3.9373148Seedlings, young plants (vegetatively propagated) and unrooted cuttings – vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, bedding plants (flowering annuals), flowering pot plants, strawberry plugs, herbaceous perennials. Moshav Nehalim
Irridan – Agricultural Projects Development – (972).8.8594781Horticultural and agricultural turnkey projects and services worldwide. Supplier of greenhouses, irrigation systems, filtration systems, water supply treatment/purification systems. Site planning and crop consultation. Kidron
Israel Wines – (972).3.9651429Portal on Israeli wineries and wines in Hebrew and English. Rishon LeZion
Kad Bnei Darom – (972).8.8515548Gourmet vegetable products. Olive oil prepared using Sinolea method. Basilicum and nut pasto, olives, red peppers, dried tomatoes. Antipasto appetizer vegetables, eggplant, pepper, zucchini. Bnei Darom
Lachish Industries – (972).8.6891121Manufacturer of cattle feeding machinery for dairy farming and feedlot industry. R.M.H. mixer feeders for T.M.R. (Total Mixed Ration) feeding system. Trailers (tractor pulled mixers). Sderot
Leaf-Sen Irrigation Systems – (972).4.6369859Irrigation controller, triggered by a leaf-thickness-sensor that continuously monitors leaf turgor. Irrigation water flow is adjusted to real time needs of the plants. The system increases crop yields while reducing consumption of water. Givat Hayim Ichud
Lin’s Bee Farm – (972).8.9415859Honey and honey based health products, organic honey, organic herbs, tinctures, multivitamin, propolis, pollen, ginseng, echinacea. Kfar Bilu
Luxembourg Chemicals and Agriculture – (972).3.5103388Insecticides for agriculture and pest control; herbicides for cotton, lawn and turf; fungicides for citrus, vineyards. Tel Aviv
M&M Roses – (972).8.9982393Fresh cut roses grown in the Negev Desert. Direct home delivery via courier FedEx service. Online orders for special occasions such as wedding, bar mitzvah, or holidays. Varieties include prophyta, golden gate, black baccara, circus and red champ. Moshav Sde Nitzan
Makhteshim-Agan Industries – (972).8.6469837Agrochemicals, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, veterinary products, aroma chemicals. Omer
Margaliot Trade and Fumigation – (972).9.8850666Cultivation machinery for open field, greenhouses and tunnels. Soil fumigation machine that uses fire and a rotocultivator to fumigate the soil. Soil fumigation with methyl bromide, metam sodium, tellon, etc. Netanya
Marvadeshe – (972).8.9443800High quality sod farms, palms. Givat Brenner
Matzot Aviv – (972).3.6182151Manufacturer of matzot and matzah products. Products include organic, whole wheat, unsalted, and mini matzot. Crackers. Bnei Brak
Maya Foods – (972).2.5357991Manufacture and marketing of kosher foods under the strict Hechsher of Badatz Eida Charedis. Products include sweets, snacks, baking supplies, dried fruits, rice, legumes, spices. Private label products for the Jewish holidays. Maale Adumim
Meshek Achiya – (972).2.9401313Olive oil. Eli
Meteor – (972).8.6686888High quality woven nets suitable for vegetables and flowers in greenhouses and nethouses, and fruit trees and open field crops. Dimona
Metzerplas – (972).4.6387001Irrigation systems. Subsurface drip irrigation products. Metzer
NaanDan Jain Irrigation – (972).8.9442108Agricultural sprinklers, sprinklers, lawn and garden sprinklers, round and flat-tube drip lines, sprayers and misters, rotors, drainage preventer and flow regulator. Comprehensive agro projects. Expertise in hydraulics, fluid analysis, water distribution. Naan
Negev Spices – (972).8.9915852Herbs grown in Negev desert. Parsley, sage, oregano, basil, mint and melissa. Sweet red paprika powder. Oleoresin of paprika for use as natural dye. Negev
Netafim – (972).8.6473111Irrigation equipment, sprinklers, drip systems. Hatzerim
Nirit Seeds – (972).9.8322435Producer of hybrid vegetable seeds for many varieties of tomato, watermelon, cucumber, pepper, melon, eggplant, cabbage. Moshav Hadar Am
Organitech – (972).4.8308320GrowTech2000 – Computerized robotics system for plant growing that performs and monitors all stages of the growing process. Based on hydroponic method that uses water as a replacement for soil as the root bed for the plants. Haifa
Orgil Greenhouses – (972).9.8988621Manufacturer of greenhouses suited to hot and tropical weather conditions. Shadehouses, an inexpensive alternative to greenhouses for crops such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and flowers. Coverings for fishponds, storage and for special events. Emek Hefer
Osem Industries – (972).3.9265265Major food manufacturer partly owned by Nestle. Products include snacks (Bamba, Bissli, Apropo, Dubonim), Habait cakes, cereals, crackers, coffee, Instant Soup, Ready Meals. Petah Tikva
Pelemix – (972).8.6847848Coir based substrate and potting-soil mixtures free of soil born pathogens, for plant nurseries, gardening and agriculture. Blends of materials for special requirements, i.e. coir, peat, cocopeat, perlite, volcanic rock/ash and polystyrene granules. Moshav Katif
Phoenicia America-Israel (Flat Glass) – (972).4.6410222Manufacturer of flat and pattern glass, as well as a wide variety of derived products including laminated safety glass, tempered glass and mirrors. Nazareth
PhyTech – (972).8.6715175Phytomonitoring system: Parameters measured include: leaf temperature, sap flow, stem diameter, growth of fruit, photosynthesis, solar radiation, air temperature, diffusion resistance, soil temperature, and soil moisture. Kibbutz Yad-Mordechai
Pladot – (972).4.6485350Manufacture of high quality stainless steel equipment. Mini Dairy for production of pasteurized milk products: skim milk and soft and hard cheeses, yogurt etc. Juice Lines: for pasteurizing natural or concentrate juices, wine, mineral water, etc. Ein Harod Meuhad
Plasson – (972).4.6394711Manufacturer of plastic products for the water, gas and agricultural industries. Maagan Michael
Plasson Poultry Systems – (972).73.2413001Poultry farm equipment. Nipple drinker and Bell drinker systems made of high impact plastic for broilers, breeders, turkey poults, layers, ducks, geese and quails. Pan feeding systems. Heating cooling and ventilation systems and climate controllers. Maagan Michael
Polysack Plastic Industries – (972).8.9989720Plastic covering for the protection of vegetables, nurseries, cut flowers and fruit trees. Nir Yitzhak
Psagot Winery – (972).2.9978222Premium wines: Edom (Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), Winner of Gold Medal in the 2006 International Terravino Competition. Merlot, Chardonnay, Viognier, Prat – A Port style wine. Psagot
Rahan Meristem – (972).4.9857100Tissue culture plants for over 200 plant genera. In-vitro and hardened dessert banana and plantain plants. Strawberry mother plants. Fruit trees for date palm, citrus, olive, mango, avocado, stone fruit and their rootstocks. Pineapple, jojoba, sugar-cane. Rosh Hanikra
Recanati Winery – (972).4.6222288Grapes selected from vineyards in the Upper Galilee. Recanati wine varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay. Emek Hefer
Rimon winery – (972).4.6822325Pomegranate juice based wine varieties, dessert wine, port style wine and dry wine. Wine rich in antioxidants. Kerem Ben Zimra
Sadot Irrigation Systems – (972).3.5732650Manufacturer of Shibolet irrigation and fertigation platforms for greenhouse and net-house applications. Design and maintenance of filtration and control systems for agricultural, landscape and turf and sports applications. Consultation services. Rinnatya
Scandi Kosher Food – (972).2.5344351Exporter of kosher Israeli food products to food stores, caterers, restaurants and other business worldwide. Products include snacks, cheese, cakes, etc. Neve Ilan
SCR Engineers – (972).9.8652050Cow milking systems, heat detection systems. Netanya
SDA Spice – (972).4.6096529Production and marketing of dehydrated herbs and spices. Spices using organic and standard growing processes: parsley, oregano, spinach, dill tips, sweet paprika, cilantro, taragon, zaatar. Dried cherry tomatoes. Sde-Eliyahu
Sde Eliyahu – (972).4.6580511Organic farming of dates, grapes, pomegranates. Main crops: carrots, potatoes, parsley, paprika, wheat, sweet corn, coriander. Sde-Eliyahu
Sensmor – (972).51.637986Metal can lid dud detector for food manufacturers that produce packaged cans or jars. Simple inspection machines verify that food containers are properly sealed. Beit-Hashita
Shemen Industries – (972).4.8654319Manufacture and marketing of plant oils under the brand name Etz HaZayit. Olive oil, Sesame oil, Canola oil, Sunflower oil. Haifa
Shimrit – (972).Manufacturer of fresh yeast for baking.
Smart! Fertilizer – (972).52.3597964Software for fertilization management. Integrates crop data, fertilizers stock, lab test results, water and soil analysis, nutrients, pH and other elements. Recommends cost-effective fertilizer mix for crop. Fertigation calibration. Hod HaSharon
Solbar Industries – (972).8.8632111Soy protein concentrates for snacks, bakery products. Bontex, steam-textured soy protein for dehydrated instant meals. Soy isoflavones and saponins for cosmetics and dietary supplements. Ashdod
Soli – (972).8.8581286Greenhouse equipment and supplies for the horticultural industry. Pad and fan cooling systems. Thermal screens and shading systems. Ventilation systems to control humidity and temperature in greenhouses. Kiryat Malachi
Starkist – (972).3.7515170Kosher tuna and sardine products. Sea of Galilee sardines. Tuna spread, salmon spread and tuna salad with crackers in ready-to-eat sealed packs. Tuna contains omega-3 oil. Light tuna fished in deep ocean and contains exceptionally low levels of mercury. Ramat Gan
Stockton Agrimor – (972).3.5769600Eco-friendly crop protection products, herbicide, fungicide and insecticide solutions. Timorex Gold, a non-residue eco-friendly natural biofungicide for the control of Bl. Ramat-Gan
Strauss Group – (972).3.6752111International food and beverage company. Major producer of yogurts, dairy desserts, cheese and ice-cream. Also controls Elite Industries, a leading company specializing in chocolate, coffee, confectionery and salty snacks. Ramat-Gan
SupHerbs Medicinal Plants – (972).4.6464848Contract herb-growing farm specializing in organic production of a wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs. Zippori
Ta’am Vareach Spices – (972).3.9220939Manufacturer of wide variety of Mediterranean spices for retail marketing. Oregano, zahatar(Hyssop). Petah Tikva
Tali Grapes – (972).8.6885911Table grapes. Varieties include Thompson, Superior , Red-Globe. Wax-flowers grown for export. Moshav Lakhish
Tama Plastic Industry – (972).4.9899600Crop packaging. Manufacture of round bale net wraps for hay, straw and silage. Degradable polypropylene for round bales. TamaShade nets for protection against solar radiation, frost, wind, hail and birds. Benches and bench-tops for use in nurseries. Mishmar Ha’Emek
Tanya Winery – (972).50.9974949Halel Cabernet Sauvignon, Halel Merlot, Halel Chardonnay wines aged in French Oak casks. Ofra
TAP Agricultural Projects – (972).9.8940507Turn-key projects in rose-plant, cut-flower growing and herbs and spices production. TAP method based on rockwool hydroponics culture. Growing many varieties of rose plants in isolated beds. Herbs and spices grown in soil less culture free of insects. Moshav Olesh
Tavlit- Irrigation and Water Products – (972).8.9328010Manufacturer of micro sprinkler irrigation equipment with computerized support system for citrus, banana, orchards, avocado, kiwi, mango, vegetables, nurseries, hothouses, parks, private gardens, etc. Yavne
Tefen Plastic Products – (972).4.6395550Design and manufacture of plastic products including fittings and accessories for irrigation, nylon, PVC and polyethylene tubing, air blow guns and spray guns, flower pots, window boxes and planters for decoration and nurseries. Nahsholim
Tekoa Farms – (972).2.9964527Tekoa Mushroom Farm – Design and operation of mushroom farms and processing facilities. Cultivation training (with options for exotic mushrooms). Spawn (live mushroom cultures) production technology. USFDA-approved food processing technology. Tekoa
Telman Greenhouses – (972).54.5236988Greenhouse, tunnels and net house for agricultural use. Ein Tzurim
Tishbi Estate Winery – (972).4.6380434Grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, French Colombard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Emerald Riesling, Merlot and Petit Syrah. Winery includes a tourist center that overlooks the vineyards of the estate. The center has a Kosher dairy restaurant. Zichron Yaakov
Tnuva – (972).1.800.666244Major divisions in dairy products, meat, poultry and fish, agricultural produce and eggs. Dairy products include fresh and UHT milk, yogurts and sour milk specialties, beverages, hard cheeses, soft, cream and cottage cheeses, butter. Rehovot
Tura Estate Winery – (972).52.3128000Special boutique wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Grapes from vineyards in Shomron mountains. Rechelim
V.G.I Agriculture Products Development – (972).3.5407320Organic fertilizers made of natural components. KF-20, KF-200 fertilizers suitable for organic farming. Replaces or reduces need for chemical fertilizers in conventional farming practices. Highly concentrated and applicable via regular irrigation systems. Ramat Hasharon
VocalTag – (972).Rumination Time Monitor for measurement of rumination activity for supervision of individual cow and herd health as well as feed changes. Available as a neck tag, for routine dairy farm use.
Wissotzky Tea – (972).3.5651515Large variety of teas, including Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Green Tea and Classic Tea. Gift boxes of tea. Tel Aviv
Witt Plastic and Engineering – (972).3.5746290Plastic pipe fittings with accurate threads for irrigation, domestic water installation, poultry houses, hygienic hand showers. Experts in design and manufacture of plastic articles with combination of metal and rubber parts. Ramat-Gan
Yad-mordechai Apiary – (972).1.800.377.877Kibbutz food industry with major products of honey, fruit jam and confitures. Olive oil. Yad-Mordechai
Yagur Flower Nurseries – (972).4.9848108One of the largest flower nurseries in Israel. Retal marketing of flowers, herbs, shrubs, gardening supplies. Yagur
Yamko Yadpaz – (972).8.6718131Manufacture of modular greenhouses for vegetable crops, flowers and house plants. Star Multi Shed for storage and light industry. Irrigation booms, trellising system, anti-insect nets, heating and irrigation systems, climate control. Turn key projects. Ashkelon
Zakai Agricultural Know-How – (972).2.5901333Plant production for international distribution. Fruit trees: avocado, babaco, banana, citrus, figs, litchi, olives, mango, pitaya. Varieties of strawberry and pineapple. Tissue culture grown clean plants. Flowers grown in insect-proof greenhouses. Mishor Adumim
Zeraim Gedera – (972).8.9446220Fruit, vegetable and field crop seeds. Tomato, squash, melon, watermelon, cucumber, pepper seeds. Gedera
Zvieli Nursery – (972).4.6750178Nursery specializes in hardening date palm tissue-culture plants, and the production of ornamental shrubs. Moshava Kineret

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