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There has been a constant demand for qualified accounting staff in Israel over the past decade. However, this has been subject to international monetary markets, wherby foreign recessions can also impact upon the Israeli economy at any one time, and hence the volume of available positions. On a positive note, Israel has proved itself to be a reliable market, and has generally withstood adverse international market conditions.

Accordingly, many leading international corporations have chosen Israel as a sensible operational base. This has led to many high level opportunities for senior accounts with international experience, and English as a mother tongue.

At a more general level, there has been a steady demand for qualified book-keepers. However, while recognized Israeli professional qualifications lead to better paid positions, a minimum proficiency level of Hebrew accounting software packages, is usually an expected requirement.

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants is an excllent starting point for finding work. They can be contacted – look for their English site


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