About us? Actually, we are more about you!

Aliyah Magazine is dedicated towards assisting friends from all religious and national streams to strengthen bonds with Israel and make Aliyah in terms of ‘raising our world’. This includes encouraging Jews to make a special Aliyah…a return to the Jewish Homeland.

AM.1 has a long term program aimed at making the Jewish Aliyah process an achievable event, with the minimum of difficulty. Our family oriented theme highlights the exciting aspects of making the remarkable journey home. Emphasis is accordingly placed on the human side of making Aliyah.

We are also about being part of a greater Aliyah Community, which is extended to both Jews and our many non-Jewish friends alike, each with  a shared passion concerning the Jewish State of Israel.

AM.1 has two main sections, both concerned with Aliyah:

The first, is to provide entertaining media content for our Aliyah Community. This is better understood as the ‘magazine’ component of AM. It will include invites for personal on topic experiences, exciting competitions, deep insights, and much more!

The second aspect concerns Aliyah Information itself. AM will be providing an  Aliyah Planner tool, that helps make the Aliyah process that much easier to undertake. There will also be a growing data base of essential information, which will cover the main regions of Israel, making the Aliyah decision making process that much more meaningful.

Aliyah Magazine is here for you, and greatly welcomes both your readership and active participation.

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