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Easiest: AP English Language. What are the easiest AP classes and/or the easiest AP tests? But, AP® courses also have a reputation for being overwhelming and stressful. AP Macro- ACDC is all you really need, everything is covered in the videos AP Art History- This class is pretty must memorizing details of 250 works of art. 10 Easiest Humanities Classes to Take in College 11 easiest and best paying jobs in the world 6 Easiest AP Classes to Take anthropology easy college classes anthropology easy humanities classes … So, to avoid this fate, you might be wondering what the easiest AP® classes … Instead study the areas … You need to invest a lot of time though. To take another example, if you want to be a doctor, tackling AP Biology and AP … Admissions officers know which AP exams are "easy," and if you seek out those tests they'll know you're just trying to get into a good college. This is the wrong way to do high school. AP Computer Science A really works well under the FLVS format. However, the class could also be easy (not very many assignments, easy tests), meaning you will have to put in a lot of work on your own to be ready for the AP test. The class prepares you extremely well for the FRQs on the AP test (got a 5 just from the class and 2 days with the Barron’s book) and … Hardest: AP Chemistry. You don't even have to study. AP classes are a concrete way to demonstrate on your applications that you are serious about a certain major and have the skills to pursue it. I want something with a very low skill floor to have decent success with (face roll), that's almost always … Answering this question isn't so simple as just giving you a list, since there are a lot of factors that could make an AP class easy. AP Environmental Science, aka APA Environ, aka APES, has a reputation for being one of the easiest AP classes. AP Bio and AP Physics are pretty awful as well. 7 Factors That Make a Good Online AP Course If you're searching for the best online AP courses… If your school offers an AP® class, or 2, or 3, of 4, then you need to be taking them. Hi, can you guys tell me what is the easiest class/subclass to play in PvP Arena and BGs? Knowing what the class's workload is like, … The easiest AP tests could have hard classes … (note: I'm not biased against science or anything, and those three classes have been my favorite in all of high school, and I'm really good at science, but those classes … This popular interdisciplinary class explores ecological processes, our … AP Gov- If the tests in the future are anything compared to this year's test, one read through crash course should be sufficient AP … Then I'll discuss the best-reviewed online AP courses, some popular online AP class providers, and wrap up with some classes that you should avoid.

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